These three words will guarantee that most men and women will have a panic attack: "some assembly required." Yikes! It can apply to a small kids tricycle, a wooden desk - even to pre built mini cabins. The first two mentioned seem like fun; pre built mini cabins may have you thinking about checking to see if you have enough aspirin in your medical cabinet. Oh, please. Pre built cabins are factory built and shipped to your destination. Your end of the deal is to put the pieces together. Sort of like a puzzle; only easier.

Think about the times you had to rent one of those old, broken down cabins for your two week vacation so the kids could learn about nature and the outdoors and you could introduce your wife to one of those 10 pound iron skillets that you hope would be full of trout in a day or two. Here's my question. Why are you still renting? Maybe it's time to look into buying one of those pre built mini cabins?

Okay, so much for the appetizer. Let's get to the main course. I think you're ready to at least look into buying an easy to build small cabin. You can begin by using your computer. There are many companies in the USA with beautiful Web sites where you can spend hours investigating the pre built mini cabin concept. One thing you will notice from perusing the information site is four valuable words that might sound as scary as the three words mentioned above in the first sentence. No heavy equipment required. And there are plenty of varieties to consider. Log Cabin kits come in Knotty Pine and modular with different kinds of timber options, as well as other options. Whether you want low priced hunting cabins or mini cabins - large or small - you'll kind find them. You can also view and choose wood bedroom furniture, patio furniture, coffee tables, toilets, lamps and even outdoor garden chairs. It's a never-ending, exciting process, folks.

Pre built mini cabins are engineered to fit any particular building site. The panels that make up the home kits are easily assembled and most cabins only require a minimum of tools for finished construction. Like a screw gun, hammer, level, chalk line, couple of stepladders and a few more minor items which, if you don't have stashed in your garage, just borrow the rest of what you need from your brother-in-law.

Now, the good news about pre built cabins. They're delivered to your site ready for assembly. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. These cabin kits are economical, well made, easy to assemble and best of all, beautiful to the eye when completed. And yes, your neighbor next door with the 40 year old A-Frame that has double sheets of tarp paper nailed to his roof to keep out the rain and snow, will be jealous. Actually, you can expect a visit from him soon asking where you got your mini cabin kit.