Marriage is one of the important events in a persons' life. It is said that when a person is about to get married, there are a lot of emotions involved. Any or both of the couple could experience nervousness, anxiety or the feeling of uncertainties.

Perhaps because both knew that life will never be the same after the marriage vow. We can not enter into the "I Dos" agreement without having any knowledge of what we are getting our selves into.

This is the reason why there is a pre-marriage counseling. The process will fill us with the information we will need in order to prepare ourselves in marriage life.

Pre marriage counseling is held when a couple raised their intention to tie a knot. This is held a number of weeks before the actual date of the marriage vows. It is usually a four hour seminar. At least 5 couples will be listening to a speaker.

The speaker will tackle all the aspects in a marriage life. The usual subject discussed is the relationship between the two couples. The adjustments that will surely occur specially during the early stage of marriage will be discussed.

Possible divorce will be covered as well. Another topic covered is how couples could effectively communicate and understand each other. Being able to communicate could create a harmonious relationship between husband and wife. Even sex and contraceptives will be discussed during the session.

There is also an interaction during the session. The couples will be asked a question. The couples who would answer a question are picked in random. The advantage of group session is that the couple would be able to hear information shared by other couples.

They could pick up a positive tip from what is shared by co-attendee. Hence, the couple will learn from the counselor and from the other attendees as well. After the seminar, the couples should already have acquired advices to guide them on the marriage life.

Some pre marriage counseling is held on a one on one interaction. This means that the couple will not join group counseling. This is between the couple and the counselor. There are situations when they do the counseling with a religious counselor.

This is an advantage because this session if more private. If the couple is not comfortable with group session, a private session could make them comfortable. There are personalities who treasure their privacy the most.

They speak openly in private discussions rather than on group session. The private type of counseling is more beneficial for these types of couples. They feel they could make the most of the advices that they could get during private counseling. They are more comfortable to ask questions when in private discussions.

Pre marriage counseling is a big help for any couple. This will make them see a better picture of the ideal marriage life. Pre marriage counseling could be a guide as well in order for the couple to lead a fulfilled married life.

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