Often times, setting up an office or remodeling an existing office can get to be very expensive. New paint, furniture and sometimes even the flooring being replaced or repaired are only a few of the decisions to be made. Office furniture is sometimes one of the biggest parts of this expense. It is possible to remain in budget by cutting costs on furniture. However, cutting costs without cutting corners is an important factor, so that your office does not begin to look cheap. Keeping quality in your office furniture without the expensive price tag will save on replacement costs in the future. In order to cut pre owned office furniturecosts and keep quality, you could change designs, use cheaper furniture that may not last as long (which will increase replacement costs), or you can purchase pre owned office furniture.

Most pre owned office furniture can be found in excellent condition or can be refurbished or repaired at very reasonable prices. Pre-owned office furniture can be found in many different kinds of stores, yard sales and rummage sales, and even other offices that are going out of business or doing their own remodeling. A little research in the classifieds can go a long way when you are shopping locally. Some of these places may even offer certain discounts if you are purchasing most or all of your pre owned furniture from them. Yard sales and rummage sales are especially great for cutting deals, but you may not be able to get all of the pre-owned office furniture that you need from one place. For larger quantities that have to match, there are resale stores available that specialize in pre-owned office furniture that might be found useful.

The downside of not being able to purchase all of your pre owned office furniture in one place is that they may not be an exact match for the rest of what you buy. When buying pre owned furniture that doesn't match, it is important to have an office design that can support an eclectic mix of styles and possible colors without looking gaudy or outrageous or just down right tacky. Pre-owned furniture can cause design problems in this area if you are not careful. Someone experienced in interior design however, may be able to use this to their advantage. Other offices can use this kind of "design flaw" to make their office look cozier and their waiting rooms more like home. This type of design may even work better with clients or customers if used in the right industry.

Pre-owned office furniture is typically clean and ready to use for your new office if bought from a resale store of some kind and sometimes from yard sales (but not always). Clean furniture saves on the additional time and cleaning expense that it will take to have the furniture cleaned yourself. Set up is usually easier as well because it has already been put together and used by another company or individual. In most instances, people do not take the time to break down the furniture to its original condition (or put back in boxes) before they dispose of it. This works well if you are in a hurry to get your office set up and you do not have time to put together all of your furniture. If you have been lucky enough to find the "perfect piece" of furniture, it is only a matter of moving it from its original location to your office.

Pre-owned office furniture, as with almost any purchase that you make, has its benefits and drawbacks of course. Benefits include cheaper cost and easy setup of your new or remodeled office. Drawbacks of pre-owned office furniture is that matching sets may not be easily found, which means that changes in the office design itself may need to be made. Other drawbacks to buying pre-owned office furniture is that it may need repairs or cleaning and may not be as cheap as originally thought. But no matter what kind of office furniture you need, pre-owned office furniture can solve the problem at only a fraction of the price. Most pre owned furniture can be found at steeply discounted rates when compared to buying the same thing brand new and some places will even take care of the cleaning and repairs before they even put the furniture back out for resale. Once your design is ready and your budget is in place, shop at local resale stores for pre-owned office furniture to get the best price available.