Parents of Toddlers think they’ve achieved a Herculean task by getting a seat in a good nursery school. The glamour of being admitted into a prestigious nursery has a price of its own and is definitely not the end of all woes for parents. A number of parents have to pay a huge sum of money as fees in the process of securing a seat. That’s not all Bikramajit sen, said some schools were not even willing to refund the fees if the parents withdrew their child to another school after the second list was released.

In a survey an educational portal tried hunting down the most expensive preschools across the country. The tools used were local school guidebooks, Web sites and experts to compare tuitions and programs. Surprisingly, there is no central database that tracks tuition fee pattern. With nursery admissions burning a deep hole in pockets, parents are worried about losing big bucks. Mr. Bhandari said that a school wanted him to pay Rs 20,000 to book a nursery seat for his daughter but when asked if they would return the amount if the child was withdrawn, the school said it would not comply.

The directorate of education, however seems to have a different view. According to it, "If any parent or guardian deposits the full fee for admission and then after a month chooses to withdraw the child, then the school may retain the registration charges, admission fee and the tuition fee for one month only. The remaining amount has to be refunded to the parent." In an RTI filed by an angry parent, a school had charged an extra fee under the category of Special fee without issuing a receipt for it.

The parent wanted to know what to do. Mrs. Paul shelled out an additional Rs 35,000 in cash apart from the main school fee which was Rs 21,000. Mrs. Paul like a number of other parents with children in the same school, did not get a receipt, though some paid cash down while others paid by Demand draft. Mr. Yahsin, a very disturbed parent said he would never want his child to study in a school to a school that charged a heavy amount apart from the fee because he felt when as parents, they were entrusting their children to a school, it in turn must be transparent in its transaction and honest in its needs. It was difficult to teach children about morals when a school didn’t exhibit any.

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