If you are suffering from eczema then you may be desperate for a good therapy. However, not all therapies were created equal and some can actually worsen your condition. Therefore, you should always use extra precaution when you are trying out new eczema remedies.

Secondary infections are a major concern when you have eczema. Staph and other types of infections are very common. If you get a secondary infection in your eczema wounds it will increase your pain and discomfort. It will also increase your healing time which will increase the risk that your infection will spread throughout your body and become more severe.

If you are not using a trusted remedy for eczema or do not use it as directed then you are putting yourself at risk. For example, if you have made a homemade remedy such as a cleanser or oatmeal bath then you must follow the preparation instructions carefully. If you do not heat it thoroughly then you are not killing any germs that can cause a secondary infection. Skin creams and ointments should always come with an airtight seal to keep out germs that may have gotten into the product since it was first bottled. If you make homemade ointments, always store it in an airtight container in order to keep out germs. You should always follow the instructions for storing your eczema treatments in order to prevent germs or dirt from accumulating.

The best way to prevent a secondary infection is to keep your skin clean. During your day your skin accumulates dirt and germs from your home and work. The risk of infection is higher at work because of the increased numbers of people you will encounter. Your actual eczema wounds even pose a risk because the dead skin and oozing fluids can form a "crust" that traps in dirt and decaying skin inside the open wounds.

Cleaning your skin will remove dirt and prevent infection, but ordinary soaps can make your eczema worse. Ordinary soaps dry out your skin and further inflame the eczema affected skin cells. They are abrasive and can cause pain in your wounds. You should look for a milder cleanser that also has a low Ph, or acidity, level. Gentle cleaners, especially those made from natural ingredients, are one of the main remedies for eczema because they can both clean your skin and soothe your wounds.

Always be skeptical of "miracle" products that offer you an unrealistically quick healing time. Although it is true that a healthy body can heal faster then an unhealthy one, there is still a certain amount of time that you can expect to spend healing. If a product promises to dramatically reduce that healing time there is a good chance it is putting your overall health at risk. You should also be aware of any product promising you a permanent cure for your eczema because it is not something that can be cured for good. Instead, try to find products that focus on controlling your eczema and preventing future occurrences.

Some of the eczema treatments available also negatively impact your quality of life. Topical creams are often too strong for certain areas of your skin, such as your face, and may cause discoloration or another cosmetic issue. These treatments will actually heal your eczema, but you may be hesitant to use them because of these undesirable side affects. It does not matter how well the treatment works if you will not use it properly. The best action for you to take is to find another treatment alternative.

These are simple precautions that will protect you when you have eczema. Just remember, the products you use should make you healthier and happier than before you start using them. There are plenty of resources available that can guide you to alternative products that are safe and healthy. It should only take a little research for you to find the right eczema treatment for you.