Precious Moments Girl Scout ornaments and figurines make a special Christmas gift. Every year, when it is time to take out the Christmas decorations, grown-ups, as well as children, are filled with happiness and joy when taking out their own ornaments. Unwrapping each one is like taking a trip down memory lane. People remember the vacation where they bought the ornament or the person who gave it to them.

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For many girls, scouting will become a favorite childhood activity. Precious Moments Girl Scout Christmas ornaments and figurines will be treasured for years to come. As they graduate through the different Girl Scout levels, each ornament and figurine will take on a special meaning. They can remember back when they were a little Daisy Girl Scout or a Brownie Girl Scout!

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If you are your daughter’s Girl Scout leader, giving her a special Christmas decoration or figurine that is just from you to her makes the gift even more special. Girl Scouts is a time that you spend together, without the distraction of your daughter’s other siblings (unless of course, you have twins or triplets who also are in your troop!)

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Precious Moments has been popular for more than thirty years. The founder, Sam Butcher, has a deep Christian faith, on which the company was founded. This not only ties in with the Christmas season, but with the Girl Scout Promise:

The Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:
To serve G-d and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

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Girl Scouts promise to serve G-d, so giving a Girl Scout Precious Moments ornaments figurine for Christmas is a very appropriate gift.

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In addition, giving a young girl something that is fragile is a milestone. You are entrusting her to “be responsible” and take care of something that is not a toy, but a collectible. One of the Girl Scout laws is to “be responsible for what I say and do”. Taking care of this gift is a big responsibility!

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Figurines and other collectibles produced by Precious Moments are sought after by many. Giving one of these fine pieces of art is sure to put a smile on your daughter’s face!

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Best of all, these ornaments and figurines come in variations. If your daughter is blonde, there is one for her. If she is a brunette, there is Precious Moments Girl Scout ornament for her, too! There are also different skin tones to match your daughter’s.

Precious Moments Girl Scout ornaments and figurines make a special Christmas gift for your daughter. Find the one that is right for her this holiday season.