A jigsaw is one of the most important tools for anyone that is serious about building or remodeling. There are so many possible uses that it doesn't even make sense to start listing them. The main problem with a jigsaw is that it is normally heavy, bulky and needs a power outlet. Makita changed this with their Makita lxt jigsaw. This saw is portable and lightweight, which is the perfect combination. The Makita cordless jigsaw enables you to work on the road, going from job site to job site. You will be able to get a lot more work done and that will cover the cost of the jigsaw alone. Now let's talk about some of the features of the Makita jigsaw.

Since sawing requires precision, the Makita 18v cordless jigsaw has built in low vibration stabilization so that you have more control. This is a special feature that is not included on lower end models. The saw also has 4-pole position cut settings, enabling the proper cut no matter what the application. If you need to light up your work area, then Makita has you covered as well. It is common knowledge that a work space that is properly lit is much safer than one that is not. Why risk injuring yourself? The Makita jigsaw comes with a built in L.E.D. light for a bright and efficient lighting solution.

The Makita cordless jigsaw also has a variable speed trigger. This is important when trying to make those difficult cuts. You need to ease into the cut and slowly throttle your speed upward. It is important for this action to be as smooth as possible for the cleanest cut. Low-end jigsaws are jerkier and leave yJigsawou with rougher cuts.

The lithium-ion Makita battery has a much longer runtime than some other cheaper saws and also has a 5 times lower self discharge than other models. It actually only takes 25 minutes to fully charge a battery. The battery charger for the saw actually has a CPU inside that regulates the temperature to optimize battery life. This is extremely useful because it will keep your batteries running well for years.

The Matika jigsaw definitely holds its own when compared to similar saws. It is clear to see that this jigsaw was built to last and you are reminded of this fact every second it is in your hand. Quality is not something a company can easily fake. If something is low quality, it breaks or does not perform as indicated. If you want a quality jigsaw then skip the cheap imitators and go with a Matika.