Anyone who has ever bought a cue stick will know the predator brand. It is one of the most well marketed brands in the entire world and is noted for its superior performances. That is why a majority of professional pool players used an predator cues. I also have a predator cue, a sneaky pete SP4RW with a z2 shaft (call it a sneaky pete because it look like a house cue and was design to trick people). It is one of the best cues I have played with. My cue cost 279.30 dollars and it is worth every penny. It is also the cheapest cue that you will ever find from a predator dealer (unless you buy it uses and even that could cost about 250 dollars).

The Butt

The butt is the bottom part of the cue and predator sneaky pete SP4RW is quite plain. It was design to trick people to think it is a house cue and it does it quite well. Always watch your cue or someone will pick it up, thinking it is a house cue. The butt on the SP4RW has a pretty simple design and it feels like holding a house cue (except much cleaner). Not much to talk about, the majority of the cost of the cue comes from the shaft. It has a wood to wood joint.

The Shaft

The cue comes with a choices of a z2 or a 314 shaft.  I chooses a z2 shaft and it is incredible. I have played with an OB shaft and the black dot shaft (both from friends) and I can tell you that the z2 is just as good or not betters. The predator brand is not a hype, the spin that I can generated on the cue ball is second to none. The tip is much smaller than a normal tip (11.75 mm)  so it take getting use to.  It come standard with an everest tip but you can get that change if you do not like it. No complain here unless you don’t like spin and if that is the cases you need to practice more.

The Feel

The feeling on this cue is great. It has a wood to wood joint and you can feel the entire hit. It pretty much has a solid hit and it does not vibrate very much, which I love. My old cue was a Scorpion AR02 and it was so stiff. Not saying that it wasn’t a decent cue, it is just not on the same caliber as the predator brand (unless you buy one of the more expensive Scorpion cue).

The Cost

The cue again cost 279.30 dollars and it is worth it. For that price, you get such a quality cue. The shaft alone costs about 230 dollars depending on the seller. I don’t know about the other models, but for a predator sneaky pete, it is worth it.