The current year has seen several new trends and changes in websites designs. Some designs are here to stay, and some didn't stand the test of time. With Apple and Microsoft flooding the market with new and creative interface designs, these trends seem to have reflected on websites as well.

The present scenario focusses on interactive websites which offer a more engaging and interesting experience for users. Developers are now working on CSS3 and HTML5 to make the website more attractive as well as SEO friendly. Though one cannot be definitive about future trends, these are the ones that I presume would last through the of 2013.

1 - Responsive Designs.
It has become imperative to make your website accessible to all internet users, be it those on the desktop /laptop or those on the Smartphones/tablets The thing with all these devices are that they each have different screen sizes. Responsiveness refers to fluid designs for websites, which resize and adjusts itself to fit the different screen sizes of various devices. CSS has made it easier to add fluidity to designs.

2 Retro Style
The Old is back again. It's hard to miss the entire design world sporting a more retro look. Even Apple seems to have adopted the same and quite creatively too!Check out the Skeuomorphic designs that they have come up with in some of their Apps.(Calendar,contacts, newsstands, etc.) A lot of web designs have drawn inspiration from these ideas and have come up with some beautiful retro themes.

3 - Metro Inspiration
Though the retro look seems to be the present rage, the metro look isn’t far behind. The Windows 8 interface is a perfect example of a metro design.

4 - Large UI Elements
Touch screens have become very popular, and since Smartphones are the best on-the-go internet access solution, a lot of users use Smartphones to browse through the net. Larger buttons improve user experiences on touch screens. However these large UI elements tend to slow down the site.

5 - Typography
Since Content reigns high from an SEO perspective emphasis is now being laid on using more text than images. The fonts are carefully selected for the text and since there is a multitude of fonts that are available to choose from, designers can easily find the most right one. Different sizes of fonts stress on hierarchy. It's now possible to make even simple text interesting by using the right kind of fonts.

6 - Parallax Scrolling
Designers have now made websites a more fun experience enabling users to move elements of the web page thereby creating a faux 3D effect. Previously used in video games this feature is now an emerging trend. Experts believe that it would find widespread use in portfolios and product sites.

7 - Brand Reflection
Brand recognition is the key to the success of any business. Designers are now working towards promoting the brand identity of a business, using logos and reflecting them in the colors and fonts used in their websites. In short, designers would focus on creating a design that complements a brand itself instead of blindly following general market trends.

8 - Influence Of Social Media
Social media networks have taken online businesses to a greater level. It is now possible to share the likes and preferences of a person through these networks, thereby exposing more people to those products. Business owners take creating and maintaining their social media accounts very seriously as it is an excellent way to route and channel traffic to your website.