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Predicting the Demise of the eHow Website Platform

By Edited Nov 21, 2015 1 9

Wherever success is found, there are typically 101 people, co

eHow Website
mpanies, and organizations that are ready and willing to overthrow the most innovative leaders in their respective industries. The eHow website platform is one such leader in an ever-expanding user article submission, revenue sharing model, world that many freelance writers have become more and more familiar with. Whether their encounters, with the eHow platform, are purely positive in nature, or they are painfully ridden with terrible user experiences founded in consistent poor feedback, and a bouquet of unexplainable website glitches, eHow has currently solidified itself as a leader in a booming industry.

That doesn't mean that they are safe by any means.

While the title of this article is bleak, at best, my hope is that it will serve as a warning sign, of sorts, to others who are contemplating engulfing themselves entirely in the eHow website platform. As great competition has emerged in the industry of user-submitted "How-to" articles, many similar websites have also come knocking on the door of the eHow platform traffic monstrosity. With several million unique page views occurring monthly, it is no surprise that eHow would be a formidable opponent that is ripe for dethroning. Unfortunately, this article is also meant to serve as a projection of a consortium of negative eHow experiences that have been consolidated, and aggregated, in this one simple article.

As a rather short term eHow writer (for just reason), to my surprise, I encountered many disgruntled freelance writers in my casual exploration of both their website and forum. While no website is without its imperfections and flaws, the consistent theme of disgruntlement led me to further research t
eHow Website #2
he individual complaints and plights of those particular writers. After all, no matter how much management or leadership strives to make everyone happy, it just isn't possible, reasonable, or realistic in a world full of inherent compromises between the leader(s) and the followers. It is, unfortunately, when these screams of mistreatment, disregard, and sheer user neglect reach resounding levels that they warrant the writing of an in depth, exploratory article such as this one.

The for-mentioned experiences have occurred to me, as well as, many former eHow users.

While the minority of passionate eHow article writers may boast of several hundred dollars per month earnings, there is a whole faction of these disgruntled writers who have actually been gravitating away from the eHow platform for a variety of reasons. Fundamental to their business plan, in accordance with their seemingly lack of customer service, there are many emerging companies that do what eHow does, although, they simply do it better. Companies such as Info Barrel, and Instructables, do several things that eHow doesn't do, and, if this pattern is maintained, I have absolutely no reservations in predicting the gradual demise of the eHow writing website platform.

1) The eHow platform has very limited, and unclear, guidelines regarding article submission. Whether you agree with this statement, or not, this is wholly evidenced in their need to conduct massive, site-wide, article sweeps seemingly every month. Had their article submission guidelines been much more clear, and thorough, they would never have had to worry about conducting these massive a
Deleted eHow Articles!
rticle sweeps. While these 'sweeps' are done specifically in order to safeguard the quality writing that appears on the website, the fundamental need for them is deep rooted in the fact that the eHow platform is governed by unclear guidelines and user expectations.

In any system, or model, that presents an opportunity for riches, it is common sense to assume that many users will do whatever it takes to game the system. This occurrence is certainly expected, however, in order to weed out these users, many dedicated and passionate long term eHow users have fallen victim to their wrath through the expression of their unrelenting fury in article deletion, coupled with nearly inexistent return user feedback.

Many quality freelance writers, like myself, have simply packed up shop and have moved elsewhere.

2) Without certain barriers to entry, eHow has been unable to regulate the quality of writing work that is displayed on their website platform for the entire world to see. While this is one element attributable to many successful websites, this requirement is typically derived from a series of painful compromises between leader and follower. However, it is the most innovative of website creators, who have h
eHow Money
ad the understanding of the mentality of their users, which have employed these requirements from the very beginning launch of their respective website platforms.

While examples of worthy case studies can be given out to no end, companies like Info Barrel are able to ensure quality user submissions by implementing a simple control that requires manual staff approval of every new user's first ten articles. For as far as I can see, no such requirement exists on the eHow platform. This lack of requirement may be perceived as both a blessing, and a curse, dependent upon who one talks to. Unfortunately, for a serious website platform that seeks long term growth and viability, in an ever crowded marketplace, eHow's inability to maintain complete control over their own website has put them on a quick path to becoming inexistent in the next few years.

What typically has ensued, relation to eHow, is a continual need to conduct article 'sweeps' long after their platform has already launched. Had they implemented this control since the beginning, there would still be users attempting to game the system, however, much control would have been had over their overall influence. As a downside to these massive site wide article sweeps, many long term eHow users have fallen needless victim, with their most prized, and highest earning articles, being deleted with little to no feedback.

3) The payment scheme of eHow has always seemed to be ridden in mystery and uncertainty. While a similar website like "Instructables" does not compensate their writers for articles submitted, they have been in no short supply of members who are passionate about sharing for the sake of sharing. They have developed a massive community around the ideal of shared knowledge. Users swear by the benefit they have obtained from reading articles on Instructables so much that they are ready and willing to contribute their writing to this platform, in order to simply help others be successful at whatever "How-to" task or activity they are pursuing and attempting to acco
Info Barrel Website
mplish. As has been proven time and time again, internet users tend to be more open, and willing to contribute, to just about any website who's leaders are open and transparent with their intentions.

While many eHow users currently make a sizable monthly income from their dedicated writing work, the payment compensation for articles submitted is shady, at best. Nowhere under their published "Supplemental Terms of Use" for their Writer's Compensation Program does eHow expressly present a transparent answer to how much user's will 'actually' make for each individual click on their advertisements associated with your published content.

For this reason, I have personally gravitated to such websites like Info Barrel, who make no reservations about immediately sharing that contributing writers will make a guaranteed 75% to 90% of all Google Adsense advertisement earnings associated with their displayed content. This is the type of transparency that eHow, although meshed in complex legal jargon, could learn a thing or two from. As members of eHow are consistently left to feel neglected, and misused, don't be surprised if you see a massive exodus away from eHow to such communities as Info Barrel and Instructables. Rest assured, this has already begun to occur, and will not alleviate itself any time soon, at least until eHow truly listens to its users in much the same way that the Instructables, and Info Barrel, websites do.

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Oct 2, 2009 5:11pm
Perhaps ehow should review each article first before it is published. Having your article deleted after it is published would be very frustrating.
Oct 5, 2009 10:13am
I too had some troublesome experiences with eHow. It was the first site that I started writing on-and I was a member for almost exactly one year-right around my year mark, out of nowhere several of my highest earners were deleted for reasons that made no sense to me. I also noticed in the forums that it was happening to others that had been there and were good writers on their own! When trying to salvage my articles and remove them from eHow so I could republish elsewhere-guess what- all my highest earning articles weren't open to editing or deleting- it took me to an error page every time!! I could only remove the articles that made the least money!!!
Needless to say, I just collected what I could and told eHow to delete my account and I have been only on infobarrel and AC since then!
Oct 17, 2009 1:13am
It is amazing how when a person feels thwarted in some area, they automatically decide to write a derogatory article. As a published magazine writer (nationally), I have written testimony for a congressional subcommittee in Washington D.C., and for 25 years, I was an engineering technical writer. It included Intel®, HP®, NEC®, Lucent®, Microsoft®, and Philips®, the consortium that invented the USB Cable® system. I was a part of that event and I am not an amateur. I find your article somewhat offensive. Your critique is lacking in factual data and voicing an opinion, to the demise of a writing website, seems a little out of place for a high caliber writer, if you are one. Your article has merit in structure, grammar and precision in writing, but your research, in a single word…sucks.

Though eHow® may have it downfalls to some extent, There are also others that are far worse. Individuals, who try to write on eHow®, are not necessarily professionals. They are potential writers who are trying to do their best. Infobarrel® scrutinizes for plagiarists and is strict on grammar and writing style. I, as a member of Infobarrel®, have articles written, but have received nothing for my time. I have $.07 listed on Adsense® for the last two (2) months. I have delayed, temporarily, my writing here until I see some benefits for my meager efforts.

The problem with eHow® writers is they do not follow procedures for extending their articles to outside sources. It is evident from my views of many writers there, that their lack of ambition, and wanting to make tons of money, is a poor goal. If I persist and begin to make a lot of money with my little articles, that is fine and dandy. I can make a tremendous amount more writing for Guru®. That site separates the writer from both Infobarrel® and eHow®. The companies choose you for the job and pay you extremely well.

The other issue with eHow® is most writers on the site never keep their articles on their hard drive. The writers should be writing in another medium such as Microsoft Word® in lieu of simply writing into the forms provided. They will never have proof they wrote it if it gets deleted. It is their fault for doing so. I have not had that problem. I try to help all new writers and offer advice for improvement. However, you will always find those that will never improve and will never make it as serious writers. I would let them write and complain. Let them decide to continue or not. If a bad writer decides to drop out, it is no great loss to the world. It is just fun and you meet some very nice people.

In conclusion, I can tell you where you can write and make $500.00 to $5000.00 per article. However, it seems you want to write here on Infobarrel® for peanuts. If you were more serious in your writing, you would not be here trying to get a quick buck. I will let you try to find out where that source is and besides, it is not on the net. The last thing I would offer to you my friend is, when you use a proper name of a company, site, or product, you should use “®” following the name. Writers have been sued for less. I predict that you probably will never get to the level a good writer earns.
Dec 30, 2009 12:25pm
It has been nearly 3 months since you left me this comment....

Go read over eHow's forum.....

....you should be ashamed of yourself....

Writers deserve much much better....
Oct 17, 2009 3:28am
"The other issue with eHow® is most writers on the site never keep their articles on their hard drive. The writers should be writing in another medium such as Microsoft Word® in lieu of simply writing into the forms provided. They will never have proof they wrote it if it gets deleted. It is their fault for doing so. I have not had that problem."

Yes, I agree. In fact, I have ALL my 170+ articles organized and stored in a folder on my desktop.........responsibility, however, should be in the hands of both the writer, and the platform.....

1) The writer should safeguard their writing at all costs.
2) Although glitches are inevitable, eHow takes glitches to a whole 'nother level........in my tenure there, the website wasn't even usable, because the glitches were so bad.....my desire to constantly organize, and save my writing, was a result of loosing approximately 10 articles because, when I went to publish, eHow would glitch-up and my article would disappear into thin air, only to never be seen again....
Oct 17, 2009 3:37am
P.S. Google "eHow®" and see just how many people use it like you recommend........
Oct 17, 2009 3:42am
P.S.S. I made almost $100 on Info Barrel, in my first month...rather than leave lengthy, inaccurate, comments on my article....I highly suggest that you do some more of your own research on SEO, and article marketing.....

"I have $.07 listed on Adsense® for the last two (2) months."
Oct 17, 2009 3:47am
P.S.S.S. Notice some other comments, made by longterm eHow users, on my other similar articles....

"I have almost 350 articles on eHow and would have over 400 if not for mass deletion of articles that I believe they make money off of otherwise why couldn't we rewrite it as on any other article directory.

Many writers suspect unethical practices on eHow since they have lost so much money from the deletion of articles. Therefore, they are writing elsewhere they do not trust eHow and put nothing past them at this point."

"I am an unhappy e-how contributor. I have nearly 200 articles there, but it never reaches that for very long. The funny thing is that their reasons for deletions are so bogus. They will state it is common sense and then take the same exact title and rewrite it. My plan is to build here, they seem honest and it seems much safer here. I am writing much more here than for e-how. I lost 18 articles last month! I appreciate your article, people should know the truth about e-how."

"I was writing for ehow but it didn't take long for me to be upset, I would put alot of time and hard work into my articles and one of every 3 would not be published because they said it was already on the web, I knew it wasn't I had spent long hours writing this stuff myself it was my work and no one else,It was hard in doing recipes because I guess maybe every kind is out there on the web somewhere. I had just started to get my money building up good and had just received an email my article that was submitted was published when I clicked to view it my account wouldn't log in I sent them a email and they replied saying my account was closed because of articles that was already on the web.All of my work in submitting those articles and I had no pay.I help my mom who has lung cancer so I write my articles then I have them prepared to type so I'm not sure if it was because I was submitting several at a fast pace or what but They wiped it all off,that was very hard for me to accept knowing how hard I had worked.I would not recommend them to anyone.Their business will fail because you don't do people that way and get by with it."
Oct 19, 2009 2:14pm
Great article and wow to the comments!!!!!! I find your article informative and useful. I also agree more than I disagree with your words. I am also impressed with your infobarrel earnings. I wonder what I am doing wrong? If you have a blog, I would love to read it. Do you have a link? I am off to search your articles looking for ideas to money making success on infobarrel. Thanks again for writing this one up and another thumbs up.
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