Just hours before the show begins for Wrestlemania 26, I cannot help but reflect on some of the top moments in sports entertainment history. The results haven't always been what I've expected, but I still love to rent the pay per view event each year. Just a few hours from now, Wrestlemania 26 results will be in the books and the show will be over. Before this takes place, however, I would like to make my predictions known. Here are my predictions. I haven't read any rumors or spoilers online, so we'll see how it goes. I'm just going to focus on the main matches.

Money in the bank:

I think it's long overdue that Shelton Benjamin gets a major push. His athletic skills are almost unparalleled. That's why he gets my prediction for the win. I was going to go with Kane, since he's come so close in the past, or Christian, since a push seems overdue, but I just think it's Shelton's time. We'll see if the wrestlemania 26 results match my predictions.

Tag Team Title Match:

I think Wrestlemania 26 results will support my prediction that the Big Show and Miz retain their titles. The unified tag team champions seem to be on a roll. I think the WWE will try to recapture the magic of Big Show/Jericho just a little longer before pulling the plug.

Rey Mysterio VS CM Punk:

This one is tough to call. Maybe my spoiler type prediction will be wrong, but I really think the WWE will try to work the angle of Mysterio as a member of the Straight Edge Society. Not sure how it will pan out down the road, but I think Wrestlemania 26 results will support my guess.

Vince McMahon VS Brett Hart:

I'd love to see McMahon screw Brett over, just because I'd most likely get to see him wrestle again. I fear that won't happen, though. Brett Hart whips McMahon in their match. That's my predictions of the Wrestlemania 26 results for this match.

Edge VS Jericho:

I'm sure Jericho is a transitional champion this time around. Too bad, since I think he's still one of the most entertaining and skilled superstars in the WWE. The results of Wrestlemania will most likely include a new World Champion – Edge.

Batista VS John Cena:

I hope Batista wins, but I'm afraid John Cena will most likely get the belt. I think the WWE is building the "bad things happen to Cena when he's in the ring with Batista" angle too much to go any other way. A typical "against insurmountable odds" victory for John Cena is my prediction. Wrestlemania 26 results will dictate if this spoiler is right or not.

Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels:

It's hard to bet against Shawn Michaels, but it's even harder to bet against the Undertaker. I suspect the streak continues. Besides, we've seen tons of people lose retirement matches and come back within a month or two. If Michaels wants to continue, it would be easy enough to work him back into the storyline. Ric Flair started losing retirement matches in the mid 90's, but wrestled for 15 more years.