Choosing a good prefab storage shedCredit:

There are many different styles of prefab sheds available right now. These storage buildings can be made from wood, metal or vinyl. If you're in the market for one of these, some things to look at are how much interior storage space do you need and what your planning on using it for. You should decide if you want to assemble it yourself or if you want to buy one's that's already pre-assembled for you.

If you love gardening and want a dry secure storage space to keep your tools in, a good place to begin your search for one of the many Types of DIY Storage Shed Designs and prefab sheds is Amazon. They have many  garden sheds with assorted patterns from bare to fashionable and royal to rural. With some of these sheds you can accessorize and personalize it to suit your needs. You can find many sheds, priced between $500.00 and $3500.00 or more depending on your spending limit and personal tastes.

Some of their prefab sheds have salt box styled roofs and many have Garden Shed Designs built into them and are made of real cedar wood. You can add many upgrades like shutters and casement windows that open. Some come either pre-cut or pre-assembled and all of these sheds would require some fabrication. All the same, fabrication would be easy since all these units come with toll-free assistance, step-by-step instruction booklets, diagrams and pictures.

Another very popular type is the Storage Shed Kit made from vinyl or metal. These are often more lower-priced than real wooden sheds, they are more durable than wood and also are a lot easier to set up and you'll never have to paint or stain them. Maintenance is likewise simple and minimal to nothing. Some of the better vinyl sheds come with foundation kits.

Prefab ShedA good example is the 12 x 16 Williamsburg Colonial Garden Shed Panelized Kit as you can see how it's customized with  a cupola roof on the ridge that also serves to let air in. You'll also see the gable vents, windows and shutters used. The color and antique looking door hinges really add character to it. You can even add flower boxes to personalize it just for you. How would this look in your backyard. Image what the neighbors will be thinking!

Many other Home Hardware and garden stores also carry a wide variety of prefab sheds and many of these stores will include free shipping right to your home. This is great bonus especially for those who don't have a pickup truck or a trailer to bring it home themselves.

If you're on a budget you can still find many good kits. Arrow has a good line of shed kits and are very affordable. Another bonus with Amazon is you can usually get free shipping...And watch for specials that come with foundation kits. You can even look at their line of sheds that attach to your home or against an existing fence, these are often a less expensive choice.

Just remember that it pays to shop around and with the ease of online shopping you can check out all the stores in your area for deals and specials. Another option is to purchase a set of Shed Plans and built it yourself. Plan a family get together for a weekend and build your shed.