The sun rise slowly out of the east and the birds begin to whistle a beautiful tune. As the sun rises higher and higher in the sky, it peeks quietly into your bedroom window and the only thing that goes through your mind is the fact that you should have shut the curtains of your bedroom window before you went to bed. As you roll over and try to avoid the sun, the birds outside your window start screeching, or as some call it, singing. You know this is a ploy to make you wake up earlier than you want.

As you reluctantly open your sleepy eyes, you realize that you own a gorgeous home. A home that you've always wanted and have dreamed about for years. A type of home that as a child, you said I would love to have one of those. Yes, you. The person who never thought they'd own a home. Now you can open your eyes to a sight that would blow away even your mom and dad's view of a home. You're one of the lucky few who live in a log cabin home.

We've all been that person who look at the horizon and see a log cabin and wish or dream of one day owning one of those. You wish you were one of those people who were outside of their gorgeous log cabin home watering the plants and the grass, taking in the wonderful log cabin smells.

You dream of your kids running around the yard, or racing through that gorgeous log cabin. You want to be that person who everyone drives by and wishes they were. That dream has now been realized. That wish can now come true. However, when you think of a home like that all that flies around your head is dollar signs.

In the past, if you wanted an easy to build mall cabin, the expenses would be astronomical. If you're not one of those do it yourself type of people, you're definitely not alone.That's why a prefabricated log cabin for 5000 or less is so great. It takes the headaches out of having a home built, and it also gives you everything you want.

Not everyone are the type of people who want to just have a log cabin home plopped onto their piece of property. If you're the type of person who dreams of building their home. Or if you're one of those people who watch shows on remaking or rebuilding their homes, and the only thought that comes to you is: "where do I start", there's an option of an easy log cabin for you too.

There are options for the do it yourselfer as well. There are many options of easy to build small cabins, or even log cabin kits that you can get at the Home Depot as well. No matter how you want to develop and create your log cabin, the new way of buying a log cabin is here.