Purchasing your block

So you have bought your block of land and like any sensible person you have worked hard to pay that off before deciding what type of home to build on it. This decision will depend on where you have purchased your block and the building construction rules set out on the purchase agreement before you bought the block.



Reading the fine print

A very important part of purchasing any block of land you buy is that you need to read the fine print on all purchase contracts as to all the rules and requirements required.

Most developers will stipulate that you have to build within two years of purchasing the block. In the same agreement you may have noticed that the type of building construction is set out quite clearly it has to be of brick or another specific construction and fencing rules may also need to be adhered to. Many even go as far as stating that you cannot park boats or caravans on your front drive.

Therefore, let’s face it you would not want to put a prefabricated home on a block of land when everyone else has built multi-million dollar beautiful brick homes. Not only would you be devaluing their homes yours would look out of place and you would regret the decision to have built there in the first place.

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Prefabricated building Plans

All companies will have a variety of plans and designs on different styled prefabricated homes. You may see one that you like although there is something that needs adjustments. This can be factored into your planning before signing any agreement to purchase a prefabricated home.


In most cases you will be given a choice of one to four bedrooms and one or two bathrooms in these plans for your home. Again this will depend on the amount of finance you can afford, when planning your dream home.


You could also choose on how this home is designed. One or two stories, with underground or above ground garage. Do you want a games room and swimming pool?  This is the time to decide and plan the way you want your home designed.  Remember when making this decision with a prefabricated home you can start smaller and increase the size of your home as your finances improve

Advantages of Pre-fabricated homes

Prefabricated homes can be ordered and transported straight to your block.  You can organize the stumping and plumbing and electrical connections or have it pre ordered into the overall package.

Prefabricated homes cause less damage to the environment than conventional brick homes.  They can be mass produced or fabricated to your design and are quick to build so it will save you rent as brick homes tend to be dragged out with different contractors’ being involved.

They will cost a lot less, than a double brick home by far.  They can be insulated to reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Not only that they are environmentally friendly.

The real beauty of one of these is if you have a real bad neighbor you can up and take your home and chattels to another town without any problems.

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Disadvantages of prefabricated homes

The cost of your prefabricated home will depend on the site your home will be put on. Site costs will vary from block to block. If you are doing the stumping etc yourself then that is not a problem. If they need to factor that into the price they will need to make varying changes to prices due to level and position of the block where the prefabricated home will be built.

Your choice of prefabricated home will be affected by your particular budget. Low cost designs may suit those on a tight budget. If you can afford the better styles, then price may not affect your decision.

The better high quality designs are made for the higher income families and could be out of your price range.

Prefabricated homes are improving like other forms of buildings and the main advantage of a prefabricated home is the potential to reduce the harmful impact on our environment. This is one of the world’s biggest concerns these days.

Prefabricated Cabins

The beauty of prefabricated buildings is they can be designed to suit any situation. Cabins are in high demand these days for accommodation in Caravan Parks in one or two bedroom designs.

Granny Flats

This is a terrific idea for the bigger family that needs to look after the Mother in Law or a Granny. One of these could even accommodate one of the children returning home from a marriage breakup with extra children, without it impacting on the normal household.

So in conclusion, I believe prefabricated buildings and homes can and will provide an important niche in the building industry.

Shipping container homes

These are all the go these days- They are a great way to create a beautiful home without a lot of outlay.  All you need is to buy the shipping containers, decide which way you want to have them stacked. 

This makes all the difference because it will give your shipping container home its beauty.  You can choose whether to use 1-8 containers that is your choice. Then depending on the way they are stacked as to what your home will look like.  You can place the first one then the one on top overlaps the bottom one. Which will create a patio on the bottom floor and a balcony on the top one.

You can create underground garages and rooms in much the same way. Placement is the key to design.  Again if you have a bad neighbour then call in the movers and shift.  So simple and less hassles.  What could be simpler?

Shipping Container homes

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