Prefinished plank flooring reclaimed wood provides homeowners like you with convenience when it comes to house design and structure. This can be considered as an innovation which brings more benefits into one useful product.

Defining Prefinished Plank Flooring

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Prefinished plank flooring reclaimed wood can be used as a new type of flooring material which brings about the advantages of wood accompanied with a very easy installation process. These types of wood involves the use of real wood providing a very attractive look similar to hardwood without sacrificing much of the quality with of course an affordable cost.

Plank flooring has been revived in the flooring industry nowadays. It was used widely for quite sometime several centuries ago in old homes, and not it has regained its spot in the market. Despite the fact that it is already an old product, many people are having much interest in its use nowadays due to the antique feel that it provides to the home. Antiques have been also popular at this time which contributed to plank flooring’s comeback.

Its Basic Characteristics

In prefinished plank flooring reclaimed wood, you are allowed to refinish such like any traditional king of wood. This type of flooring has a lot of benefits as compared to the modern laminate type which you have to completely replace once it is already torn or scratched. Aside from the laminate itself being costly, repairs that one can incur if the said flooring materials are damaged are also costly. With prefinished flooring, you can easily restore their lost shine through the use of sandpapers, without you having much of the cost. They can even be refinished as many times as possible to make it last a lifetime.

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As what have been stated, it just takes a little of patience and effort when it comes to the maintenance of your flooring. You are also offered with a lot of options, from sanding, resealing and even staining. These prefinished floorings also allow fast and worry free installation because they are easy to assemble and aside from that, they are also mess-free. Easy installation involves assembling as floating  floors wherein plank are connected to each other as compared to the very tiring method of nailing them to each other. 

The Only Cheap Antique

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Prefinished floorings are truly cost effective. You can even save a lot more if you use reclaimed woods for it. Reclaimed woods are one sure way to recycle, giving much benefits to you and to the environment. These types of woods are old ones coming from various sources, from the flooring of an old house or infrastructures to even demolished buildings. You would even be amazed that woods from lakes and rivers can also be reclaimed for restoration and future use. In this way, you get two for the price of one. You can really save up a lot from these used woods while giving your house a very classic appearance due to the natural aged look of the wood.

Quality of these reclaimed woods is nothing to worry about because before they are put to use in actual floorings, they are properly restored and repaired. They are even milled to bring them to their best appearance possible. The fact that they are really old and they still exist proves that they are really durable and it is one characteristic of reclaimed wood that you should not worry about.

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In this manner, aside from being able to save money, you are also able to help save the forest. You actually lessen the loads of environmental junk that are actually present with the use of these reclaimed wood. You put the trees to appropriate use as well without wasting much because used of reclaimed woods is considered a process of recycling.

Much of the low cost can be achieved if this reclaimed wood is even prefinished. It has been discussed previously that prefinished woods does not have high costs yet they still provide much convenience particularly with the ease in its installation which would normally only take a day or two.

Prefinished Plank Flooring : The Advantages

Prefinished plank flooring old wood only goes to show that you are not limited to expensive hardwood flooring as your only option for good flooring materials. Even used woods can be very efficient for its use. These types of woods are already gaining much popularity in the market. Who would not like to avail of a product that has a good style and quality at a good cost?

These prefinished floorings also give you that classic feel due to its natural colors that have been even enhanced through time. Unlike hardwood floors which give you the false appearance because they are just painted and treated, prefinished floorings give you the genuine look at the lowest cost possible. The natural look has always been more beautiful and sophisticated as compared to the synthetic, false ones.

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Practicality and convenience wise, prefinished woods have always been the best. It does not require much time and effort in installation. Maintenance costs are also kept low because you just have to use sandpapers. As compared to laminated floorings which require entire replacement of the flooring, prefinished floorings only require some manual effort which anyone can easily provide.


Prefinished plank flooring reclaimed wood is the best material of choice for those who want to achieve maximum convenience and savings in their flooring materials without sacrificing the aesthetic quality and durability. This can be very helpful for those who have limited funds for home repairs or for those who are just starting to build a small home. Practicality is a necessity nowadays and every opportunity at saving money must not be allowed to pass. These are truly required to be able to help you cope up and survive your daily needs. Saving up is necessary to one’s future.  Even the slightest chance for savings must always be considered. Prefinished plank flooring reclaimed wood is the best option for flooring material if you want to achieve convenience and a one of a kind look at the same time.