Do stretch mark cream work, Are stretch mark cream a scam

It has often been said that giving birth is a miracle. Well, anything relating to birth is a miracle. There is another side to the miracle or birth; the mood swing; desire to smell and eat strange things; pre-birth shopping; the sleepless nights and many more. There is also the desire to return to the pre-pregnancy body. That can be a challenge for many women. Most women actually dread having stretch marks that they do everything they can before birth to reduce the risk of pregnancy. A lot of manufacturers are aware of the situation and have come out with stretch mark creams.

If you are dreading having stretch marks, you might consider the marketed stretch mark creams a life saver. That being said, you will also want to know if these stretch mark creams really do work. There is nothing worse than buying a worthless product. Well there is but that is another discussion.

Do Stretch mark cream: What you need to know

Stretch mark cream and skin color

Because of the nature of the human skin, not all stretch mark cream will work for everyone. It appears that most stretch mark creams are made for those with lighter skin. Well, what does that really mean? It means that you need to pay attention to the type of stretch mark cream you are buying. Women in the western world are more worried about stretch mark because of trying to fit into their bikinis during the summer months. In other cultures women are probably not that worried because they keep their midriffs under wrap. Generally speaking, stretch mark creams are cosmetics and they are manufactured to ease the lines left by your skin stretching during pregnancy.

Stretch mark cream and removing stretch marks

There is something you need to bear in mind when buying stretch mark creams. You need to set the correct expectations. If you are hoping to buy a stretch mark cream and use it like an eraser to zap your stretch marks, you will be in for a surprise. There are in fact no cream that will remove stretch marks. The fact that most creams are marketed as stretch mark remover doesn't mean they will do just that. Stretch mark creams are used to cover and make stretch mark less visible. You will hope that your stretch mark will fade with time.

Stretch mark cream and long term use

If you think about applying stretch mark cream once and getting good results you will be disappointed. Most users will have to go through several tubes of creams before they start seeing any noticeable results from their stretch mark cream. If you think about the average price ($25 - $30) of stretch mark creams, you will understand why manufacturers want you to buy more. Basically, you should know that if you want to remove stretch marks, you are in it for the long term and you will be spending quite a few dollars for limited results.

Are stretch mark creams a scam?

Well, stretch mark creams are partly scams because of the way they are marketed. Most manufacturers will say that their products will remove or stretch marks but that is not always the case. They are also not going to tell you that you might not see any results from buying their stretch mark cream. You will be made to believe that applying the stretch mark cream will bring instant results. If they said you might not get any results from using their stretch mark cream, you will probably not buy any.

Are stretch mark creams worthless?

It doesn't mean that stretch mark creams are worthless. It just means that you need to know that they might not work for you. You will probably have to try various brands before you find one that might help. Finally, stretch mark creams do not replace leading a healthier lifestyle and trying to lose the baby weight after birth.