Keeping It All Through

     Today, some pregnant women are unable to keep their pregnancies all through,due to miscarriage, otherwise called spontaneous or unwanted arbortion. Pregnancy miscarriage is when pregnancy ends before the foetus can survive. Medical research has revealed that most miscarriages occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

     Certain factors has been revealed as being responsible for the loss of pregnancy. The most common of them  is chromosomal abnormalities of the developing child.This could be due to genetic defects of the foetus, caused by faulty egg and or sperm. The lifestyle (smoking, drug or alcohol abuse and exposure to hazardous materials) of a woman before and during pregnancy may also result in spontaneous abortion. In addition, hormonal imbalances and health issues such as infections, diabetes, immune disorder, problem of the uterus or ovaries etc., can also cause pregnancy miscarriages.

     There are however, several ways by which pregnancy miscarriage can be avoided. Below are some very useful tips for avoiding the loss of pregnancy.

1.   Avoid exposure to poisonous fumes and chemicals.

2.   Eat balanced diet, which  should include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in iron should also be taken. This helps increase  your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

3.   Caffeine consumption will harm the growing baby. Avoid it.

4.   Avoid contact with anyone who has a rash or temperature and chicken pox, particularly if you are not sure you have antibodies for those infections.

5.   Always talk through your concerns with your health adviser or physician. In addition, share your fears  with other mums or pregnant  friends.

6.   Minimal exercises such as walking will benefit your health as long as you do not over do it.

7.   Maintain a healthy weight. Over or under weight before pregnancy is not a good idea.

8.   Intercourse during pregnancy is not bad, but if bleeding or spotting is noticed, it is expedient you avoid it completely.

9.   Treat all sexually transmitted or other infectious  diseases before conception, because if left untreated, they can increase chances of pregnancy miscarriage.

10.   When pregnancy has been confirmed, register early in a government approved hospital and be sure to comply with your physican's advice.

11.   Herbal and self medications  must be avoided, as they pose great threat to pregnancies.

12.   Avoid too tight dresses and underclothing, as these can cause reduced circulation.

13.   Drink enough water and stay in well - ventilated houses or apartments.

14.   Avoid raising too heavy objects.

15.   Cleaniness is very essential. You should therefore be concerned with your personal hygiene.

16.   Be prayerful. Prayerfulness is very vital in keeping your pregnancy to full term.

         Finally, it is instuctive that you do not entertain fears or negative thoughts simply because you have heard about the fearful tales told of others. Make it a habit to claim the promises of God concerning your prergnancy. He is able to see that your pregnancy is kept to full term. He is faithful who has promised. "There shall nothing cast their young......the number of thy days I will fulfil"  (Exodus 23:26).