Years ago, the only way to figure out the gender of a baby was to wait until child birth. Technology has now advanced to the point where 3D and 4D gender ultrasounds can be performed as early as 15 weeks, five weeks sooner than your average 20 week gender sonogram. The most accurate way of determining gender is through an ultrasound performed in a local hospital or private clinic.


There are other fun ways of determining the gender of an unborn baby but these methods are not as accurate. One of these it a theory which is known as the Ramzi Theory. It is said that the sex of an unborn baby can be determined based on which side the baby implants on and which side the placenta is located. It is a fairly new theory but states that only early ultrasounds would be accurate in determining if the baby was a boy or a girl.


There are also kits that can be purchased from a local store or online which are made by IntelliGender. These tests can be performed as early as ten weeks and are performed in just under ten minutes. Before purchasing these kits I would recommend reading reviews to see what experience other expecting mothers have had with using these kits.


Another fun method that can be done is the baking soda gender prediction test. I have used this test myself and found it to be true with my second pregnancy. It is also done with simple urine analysis. You place a small amount of baking soda into a container and if the urine reacts with the baking soda causing it to fizz or bubble, it is said that you are carrying a boy. If the baking soda does not react, it is said that you are carrying a girl.


While these tests are fun to perform, they are not as accurate as ultrasounds that are given by trained professionals. You can do them for your own enjoyment but you should not use these to determine the gender of your unborn child. You can have a sonogram done at around 20 weeks gestation or you can schedule an appointment with a private facility at around 15 weeks gestation. They may or may not also perform 3D/4D ultrasounds.