Tums aren't always the right choice for pregnant women.

Heartburn is one of the worst symptoms of pregnancy. Not only is it a gigantic pain when eating, after eating and just randomly showing up when you really don't want it to, heartburn can also be extremely scary. Many pregnant women have expressed how they've confused it to having a heart attack, I have met this unfortunate feeling as well.

I was 5 months pregnant in the process of moving when I got a little too stubborn and thought I could do it all. I'd been experiencing heart burn quite often at this point, however, this particular night it felt completely different. I was squatting down gathering things to pack away last-minute when I suddenly felt a huge amount of pressure in my chest. I couldn't breath and I felt as if my heart was about to explode or just simply stop beating. At first, I tried to fight it thinking it would just go away and jumped in my car, then it got more and more intense so I landed a 3 hour spot in the emergency room.

After an EKG, many blood tests and some x-rays the Dr. joined us to say I had a bad case of acid reflux, also known as heartburn. The baby was positioned in such a way that blocked proper digestion causing extra acid build up, when I squatted down I began to reflux pretty intensely. The doctor stated I needed to rest more and prescribed me to Pepcid and advised I try over the counter Maalox. I asked him if it was okay to just stick to Tums, he informed me that Tums aren't healthy to constantly take while pregnant due to their large quantities of calcium, which should already be consumed from prenatal vitamins, to much of one thing isn't necessarily good.

After my visit in the E.R. I soon began to feel much relief from the horrible pregnancy heartburn. Pepcid seemed to help a lot more than the average Tums. The Maalox (used to numb the throat and chest to relieve pressure) once combined with Pepcid and adequate relaxation time was definitely the cure I needed in a stressful period. Talk to your Doctor for approval to take said medications, I suggest you give it a try. From one pregnant woman to the next this is my best proven advice and hopefully it will work for you as well.