The Wedding Ring Test

Recently a very excited colleague announced that she is pregnant with her first child and both she and her husband don’t want to know the gender until he/she is born. Straight away another colleague (female of course and probably quite clucky) performed the popular wedding ring test to establish ‘is it a boy or is it a girl’? This technique involves placing the wedding ring on a necklace and holding it above the pregnant lady’s wrist. It is believed that if the chain moves from side to side then it is a girl and if it moves around and around then it is a boy. I was so intrigued by this myth and how something like this becomes “common knowledge” that I decided to investigate more…

The Drain Cleaner Test

Another technique I discovered is the “drain cleaner test”. Ok now things are getting weird. For this test a urine sample from the pregnant woman is mixed with a teaspoon of drain cleaner. According to this myth if the liquid turns green it is a girl and if it turns blue, a boy. Wow, who knew drain cleaner had this hidden talent?!

Chineese Lunar Calender

The third technique I discovered is a little more complicated and is actually over 700 years old! This test involves the ancient Chinese lunar calendar and is based on your lunar age, which is worked out by adding two years to your actual age when you conceive the child, and the month the deed took place. These two pieces of information combined will lead you to a boy or a girl on the chart. See below:

Is It a Boy Or Is It a Girl?

Pregnancy Cravings

A simpler and perhaps more common technique is based on pregnancy cravings. According to this myth if you crave sweets or dairy while pregnant you should be stocking up on all things pink, while if you suddenly can’t get enough of meat, you should definitely be painting the nursery blue. If this is true, I’m not sure what my mum’s cravings would mean – she ate jars and jars of olives while pregnant with me! But I do know one thing; I’ve loved olives even from a very early age.

The Heartbeat Method

A myth that may have some scientific merit uses the baby’s heartbeat to establish if it is a boy or a girl. If the baby’s heartbeat is high, around 140 beats per minute or more, than this indicates a girl while a slower heartbeat would be a boy. However this technique is flawed due to the ever-changing heartbeat of a baby as it grows.

Morning Sickness

Now as a woman who has never been pregnant, the part I dread most (other than actually giving birth of course) is morning sickness. My mum, like many, believes that if you are extremely unwell during your pregnancy than you are having a girl. It is thought that the additional hormones in a girl make the mother sicker. Most Obstetricians believe this is just a coincidence or that the greater sickness is caused by the mother’s body not being as well prepared for their second or third baby.

While these myths are intriguing and I will no doubt test them all when I one day fall pregnant, I truly do believe nothing short of an ultrasound will accurately determine the gender of a baby – although even sometimes the professionals do get it wrong! I guess for a definitive answer on your bundle of joy, you’ll have to wait until the delivery day.


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