The pregnancy pillow, is a purpose designed type of body pillow / full body pillow, as the name would suggest with the pregnant woman in mind, some however are also designed for use after the birth as a nursing pillow.


Pregnancy Body Pillow

Although pregnancy can affect women very differently, with many really enjoying it and feeling very healthy like never before, sadly there are those that feel quite unwell throughout. One thing that tends to unite us are the problems of getting comfortable and being able to sleep in the later stages of pregnancy, particularly the third trimester, this is where a pregnancy or maternity pillow can really help you, it really is a great maternity aid!


I say can help "you", meaning not just the mother to be, but also any partners sharing the same bed, having to arrange and re-arrange a number of pillows throughout the night can be very wearing for both parties.


So how can a pregnancy pillow help you?


For one thing you are only going to be dealing with one pillows instead of several that have to be re-arranged every time you turn over, not easy to do without waking up completely. The second benefit is that they are specially shaped for the new contours of the pregnant woman, thirdly a pregnancy pillow encourages side sleeping which is recommended by medical professionals with good reason, finally they can be used around the home and not just in the bedroom.


The pregnancy body pillow or maternity pillow to give it alternative names, can be used anytime or anywhere to help you get comfortable, whether on the sofa or even on the floor during the day.


Although as a mother to be every woman will feel differently, we do as rule tend to suffer some common problems as we approach full term, that of aching backs, aching hips and feeling of lack of support generally when in bed.


Clearly having to carry around the extra weight of a swollen belly and chest all day would be enough to make anyone tired and result in an aching back, but also your hips are getting ready for the baby to be born. Normally the pelvic bones are held tightly together by ligaments and only move usually as a result of injury, but in the case of pregnancy to allow a bigger space for the baby to be born through. The woman's body releases hormones that soften the ligaments so that the bones can move, this is great for the baby, but can cause problems for the mother to be as the hipbones change position from their normally fixed position.


Pregnancy Pillow by Boppy

Although the designs of pregnancy pillows vary, they will aim to help you by providing contoured support to your swollen belly, support for your back and support for you hips, in addition to head, neck and shoulder support.


Some pregnancy pillows will offer support to your front and back at the same time and you won't need to move the pillow as you move from one side to the other. All designs allow you to get support for your hips by having the pillow between your legs, keeping your knees comfortably apart.


Do you know the unpleasant truth?


An old pillow is full of dust mites, dead dust mites and their feces; estimates are this makes up to 10% of the weight of a two-year-old pillow! My faithful old pillow went in the bin after researching the health problems associated with old pillows; see the facts, I literally breathe easier now!


Now if you would like the benefits of a good nights rest and a reason to ditch that old pillow too, you have good reasons to treat yourself to a pregnancy pillow.