Aches and Pains of Pregnancy Explained

Pregnancy is definitely the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life. The fact that there is another life growing inside you is truly a miracle. But before you experience the joy of seeing your little one, you still have nine months to carry the baby inside your womb and go through everything associated with pregnancy.

Experiencing pain can sometimes be good as you are being notified that there is something wrong. There are pains that one will experience during pregnancy. These happen because there are changes that happen in the body and this is when a pregnant woman needs support. Pregnant women should not panic if there are pains or aches being experienced. One should be able to determine which pains and aches that can be handled and which are for the doctors to handle. Here are just some of the pains during pregnancy. These are what you can go through before you actually see your little bundle of joy.

  • Backaches: People who have good posture before pregnancy does not mean that they will not undergo backaches. This is most likely to appear because there is a baby growing inside you. You are actually carrying your own weight and the baby’s. This makes one difficult to stand for a long time and there is pressure on your back. One way to at least lessen the pains is to wear low heel shoes. It is more preferable if you wear walking shoes. You can also place a pillow behind your back when sitting down. This alleviates the pressure. For some pregnant women, they find relief when they keep their feet up when sitting. This is why some put a stool in front of them.
  • Headaches: There can be many changes that one will see during pregnancy. Aside from physical changes, hormones also change. Headaches happen because of hormonal changes. The tension in the body as you carry a child in your womb, nasal congestion and other conditions may affect the pregnant woman and may result to headaches. Natural remedies are suggested before taking any medicines like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. You can also try rubbing Lavender oil onto the temples to reduce the ache. You can also find comfort when you put a damp cloth on your forehead and switch off the lights for a few minutes. Methods like deep breathing, easy yoga, meditation and a relaxing shower can also help relieve the stress and the headache.
  • Swollen Gums: The teeth can also experience changes during pregnancy. The teeth will feel tender to touch and can sometimes bleed if you put more pressure when brushing your teeth. In case of swollen or bleeding gums, you can consult a dentist to know the proper teeth care for pregnant women. This should also be taken care of because bleeding and swollen gums can also lead to infections that are difficult to deal with especially when pregnant. Many of us have heard the old wives tale that says "for every pregnancy the mother loses one tooth." However, according to Science Daily, there may be some scientific evidence behind this particular wives tale. In a story reported in the May 2008 issue of Science Daily, Dr. Stefanie Russell, an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Health Promotion, concluded from her study that women who have more children are likely to have more teeth missing. So what does this mean? Pay special attention to your teeth and gums during pregnancy. 
  • Leg Pain: This is very common in pregnant women. The legs take all the pressure and weight that the woman and baby have. This pain can even worsen in the latter part of your pregnancy. You can find relief in sleeping in a semi-sitting position. You can also have a good leg massage to keep the blood flowing and feel some comfort from the pressure.
  • Hemorrhoids: This condition recieves the most complaints among pregnant women. When the pressure on the rectum has increased, the blood vessels in the anus can swell and be painful. Constipation can even worsen the conditions. This increases the pain and the burning sensation one feels. This also prevents a pregnant woman from having regular bowel movements. It is somehow a cycle among pregnant women. A woman who is into this kind of condition can consult a doctor about this problem. One can be given more dosage of fiber in their diet to avoid going through constipation. You can also ask for over the counter remedies especially if the condition causes pain and burning. This pain is very severe and should be treated right away. Do not make yourself suffer anymore; consult your doctor and get early relief and treatment from hemorrhoid discomfort.

If you are suffering from one or all of these pains and aches during your pregnancy, you should call your doctor about it. You do not have to tolerate the pains; there are remedies and treatments for it. The secret to making these pains all go away is to get quick advice from the doctor. This will help in making your pregnancy ache-free and pain-free.



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