Expecting a child can be both an exciting and tiring process for the parents-to-be. Sometimes, the physical aspect of pregnancy can take quite a toll on your wife. If you, the husband, can be more involved in the pregnancy experience, not only would your wife greatly appreciate it, it will also bring the two of you closer together as you embark on this journey of parenthood.

 1.  Show interest in the baby and be more involved in your wife’s pregnancy.

Notwithstanding a busy work day, what matters at the end of the day is the family. The imminent arrival of the baby marks a new phase in the couple’s relationship as they are taking on new roles as parents. Regardless of how tired you could be after work, it is important to make the time and effort to show interest in the baby.

  • Talk to your wife. Ask her how her day has been. Listen to what she has to say.
  • Make the time to be there during her pre-natal check-ups or childbirth classes.
  • Work with your wife to prepare a new place in the house for your child.

2. Read up on pregnancy and post-pregnancy matters.

While we might not be medical experts, the least we can do for our wives and child is to make the effort to learn more about what to look out for during and after the pregnancy. (When the baby arrives, both you and your wife will be too tired taking care of the child to read up on such things.) You can borrow books from the library and do online research on related topics. Moreover, when you and your wife visit the gynaecologist, you can also take the opportunity to clarify any matters. In fact, the more you learn about pregnancy-related matters now, the easier it will be for the both of you.

And of course, while your wife might not say it directly to you, she will, deep down in her heart, appreciate your efforts. And of course, your child will know it too.


3. Help to do the household chores and run errands.

Pregnancy is a physically demanding experience for women. Not only will they get tired easily from carrying an extra load for months, they will also be going through hormonal phases, which affect their physiological condition. As the man in the house, doing the household chores and running errands will greatly relieve your wife’s burden. Given that you yourself will be tired after work, this will not be easy for you too. However, these are the little things that will really go a long way.

Man cleaning house

4. Manage the family finances well.

The last thing that a pregnant mother-to-be wants to worry about is the family finances. Would there be enough money for the medical expenses and future baby-related purchases? How is the family to cope? Help your wife, your family and yourself by taking charge of the family finances and make sure that the bills are paid on time. Cut down on your own personal expenses. Your family comes first.

Household finance

5. Pamper your wife.

She is your wife. She is the woman you have chosen to marry, and is now the mother of your child. Let her nap when she is tired, by offering to do the chores or run errands. Prepare her favourite food. Take her out once in a while to some of her favourite places to cheer her up. Even a simple massage at night will do wonders for her. 

6. Feel and talk to your baby.

After four months, your wife will be able to feel the fetal kicks. Put your hand on her belly. Feel your own child. Talk to him or her or read to your child a bedtime story. Let your child get accustomed to your voice. Welcome your child to the world. Let your child know that you will be there for him/her.

Pregnancy stages

First trimester

This is a crucial stage of the pregnancy. Mothers-to-be have to be very careful, as this is the stage when any complications would occur. It is also when some women go through morning sickness and nausea. Given the wife's physical and sometimes emotional discomfort, it is important for you to be there for her. (You will have to be more patient and understanding as she would be very cranky and moody during this phase.) For example, you can start helping out with the household chores. To keep her in good physical health, you can also offer to exercise together, though she would have to tone down the intensity of the activity. Alternatively, you can also prepare food that she likes.

Second trimester

This period  is often referred to as the honeymoon phase as most of the physical discomforts during the first trimester would have subsided. Generally, gynaecologists would recommend that this is the best period for a pre-baby vacation, including air travel. Hence, you can consider taking the opportunity to pamper your wife during this period.

Third trimester

This is when the unborn baby would have grown in size and weight. Your wife would also be feeling physical discomfort because of this. For some women, by the end of this trimester, they could be suffering from swollen ankles, fatigue, constipation and hemorrhoids. Because of this, your wife would be experiencing restrictions in her mobility and physical activity. Even simple tasks like standing, walking and sitting have become tiring actions. Given such circumstances, she will appreciate if you can be around her, bear with her mood swings and help her out more with the physical chores.

By the time your child arrives, you will be very glad that you have played the role of a supportive partner during your wife's pregnancy. Not only is it am excellent bonding experience for the couple, it is also a good first step towards parenthood. You are going to be a father. It is a lifelong role. Your wife’s pregnancy is only the beginning of a journey with your child. Be there for them.

Good luck and best wishes!