Some Prenatal Vitamins Side Effects are so Severe they Cause Women to Stop Taking their Prenatal Vitamins

It’s an unfortunate fact the many women experience prenatal vitamins side effects from trying to maintain a healtMorning SicknessCredit: Flickrhy pregnancy. Some side effects can be so severe that they cause women to stop taking their prenatal vitamins altogether. Taking your vitamins when pregnant is very important to ensure that your baby gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development. However, some prenatal vitamin brands have more side effects than others. Here is the run down of which types of prenatal vitamins cause the least amount of problems.

Prenatal Vitamins and Morning Sickness

It’s due to this prenatal vitamin side effect more than any other that women stop taking their vitamins. Many women will experience anywhere from a slight increase in nausea to full blown vomiting immediately after taking their prenatal vitamins. Some women try to reduce the severity of this side effect by taking their vitamins in the evening, however, morning sickness is not confined to just the mornings. In fact, some women are more nauseous and sick at night.

However the good news is that this nasty prenatal vitamins side effect can nearly be completely avoided simply by taking a whole food prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins that are not whole foods in themselves are highly processed and compacted nutrients and many contain synthetic chemicals. When women take a prenatal vitamin that is not a whole food, the onslaught of densely packed vitamins and minerals upsets their already delicate stomachs. Whole food prenatal vitamins are literally like mini meals in themselves and they cause extremely little to no extra stomach upset. One of the best prenatal vitamins available, New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins, is an organic, whole food, with each pill containing about 50 calories each. These vitamins are a great choice for pregnant mothers:


New Chapter Prenatal VitaminsCredit: Amazon

Other whole food prenatal vitamin brands include:

-Garden of Life Raw

-Rainbow Light

-Source of Life Liquid

-New Life

-GNC Ultra Mega Green

Although you may still have morning sickness during your pregnancy, you can rest assured that is will not be made worse by your whole food prenatal vitamin. You’ll be able to make sure of this by observing how you feel immediately after you take the vitamins; with whole food vitamins you should not feel any worse and with non-whole food vitamins you very well could be running to the toilet.

Other Prenatal Vitamins Side Effects

There are several other prenatal vitamins side effects other than morning sickness, but these are usually much less bothersome and do not cause women to cease taking their prenatal vitamins. These include:

Constipation: It’s not known for certain whether or not prenatal vitamins cause constipation. Constipation is very common in early pregnancy due to changing hormones. However, it should not be severe. Adding a little more fiber to your diet should do the trick. 

Acne: Acne is another side effect that can be quite annoying. However, the reason prenatal vitamins are related to acne, is because prenatal vitamins contain high doses of nutrients that actually flush out toxins from your body through your skin as acne. Reducing your intake of junk foods (the real cause of acne) is the way to minimize this side effect.

Faster Growing Hair: You hair will grow faster all on its own when you’re pregnant because of changing hormones. However, the extra vitamins and minerals in prenatal vitamins will help your hair grow even faster. However, this is one prenatal vitamins side effect many women love as it leads to think, shiny, beautiful hair!