Talking On Cell Phones

There are only two prepaid cell phone companies that should ever be considered. None of the other prepaid cell phone companies can offer what these companies do at the same price.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is owned by the the same company that operates Tracfone. Tracfone is NOT a cost effective solution however Straight Talk is. Straight Talk is the best value in the cell phone industry. Straight Talk is available at most Wal-Marts.

Straight Talk has the cheapest and most inclusive plans available. Straight Talk offers the following plans

All You Need Plan $30.00/month

  • 1,000 minutes
  • 1,000 texts
  • 20MB Mobile Web Access
  • Free 411 directory calls
  • Straight Talk's Unlimited $45.00/month

Unlimited talk, text, and internet. You also get unlimited free calls to 411 directory service.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Straight talk is a no contract phone. You do not need to sign up on a contract. Straight Talk cell phone service is the cheapest cell phone plan available with unlimited talk,text,internet, and free 411 directory calls.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is similar to Straight Talk but has a few key differences. Virgin Mobile also has an unlimited plan. The Virgin Mobile unlimited plan is $49.99 a month which is more than Straight Talks unlimited calling plan. Virgin Mobiles unlimited plan is for talk only. If you want to access the web, text, or call 411 then all of that costs extra.

The best unlimited plan is obviously Straight Talk.

With Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile you have no roaming charges. I have been using Virgin Mobile for the last year. If I go to Puerto Rico I can still call back to the United States mainland and it is all included in my minutes. There is no roaming fees, not even when Calling Idaho from Puerto Rico.

Virgin Mobile also has other smaller monthly plans with no contract. You can also pay per minute but to save money you need to go with one of their plans.

Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk can both be ordered online or bought in stores. You can also pay for you monthly fee by paying for it inside a store.

Virgin Mobile phones and plans are available at many stores such as Radio Shack and Best Buy. You can also buy a phone online at

Straight Talk phones and plans are available at Wal-Mart. You can also purchase your Straight Talk phone online at Straight Talk is currently offering free shipping if you order online.

Both Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk are excellent choices for prepaid cellphones. Many cell phone users who have used a traditional contract company such as Sprint or Verizon are turning in great numbers to Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk. These companies offer a nationwide calling area with no roaming and are cheaper then traditional plans.

Neither Virgin Mobile or Straight Talk run credit checks. You can cancel them at anytime and start your plan back up at anytime.

Straight Talk is the top choice but Virgin Mobile may be an excellent option if you never text or use internet.

There are many other prepaid cell phone companies but none of them come close to offering what Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk do. The other companies choose not to lower their price. When considering a prepaid cell phone the only options you should consider are Virgin Mobile or Straight Talk.