Prepaid cell phones for kids, are a great way to stay in touch, and know where they are if you get the right package.

If you like the idea of getting your kids a phone, but don’t want the cost and setup of a costly contract, and run the risk of the kids using more minutes than you are allowed on a contract, then getting ones that are prepaid can be a great way to go.

There are all kinds of models of cell phones on the market that you can get at local electronic and specialty stores, as well as discount stores such as Wal-mart and more.  Most stores that carry any electronics will also sell a variety of them.

It all depends on the age of your kids, and just what you want these for.  Is it so that you can stay in touch?  If you are looking for some controls on what they can use on a cell, then there are models such as the Sanyo 2700 prepaid for kids that has a parental control package thaPrepaid Cell Phones for Kidst comes with this package.

Sanyo 2700 Prepaid Phone for Kids with 1 Year of GPS, Blue (Kajeet)

If you like to know where your kids are, this same model also comes with a built in GPS, which is cool since most kids tend to keep their cell phones on them like a fashion accessory.  Plus you are going to want them to like this model if you want them to carry it.

It is totally up to you, if you want them to know about the GPS part though!

Many of these models for kids will have larger buttons, and screens, and with no contracts to worry about, there is no risk of getting a surprise cell bill in the mail.  Once they have used them up, they are done. 

But many of these models have built in warnings to let you know when the minutes are running low.  If you would like to purchase one for a teen, then the Sanyo 2700 also looks cool, and has so many features they will never run out of ideas on just how to use them.

It can be a two way street when letting your kids have cell phones.  For you as a parent, it is nice knowing you can call them and find out what they are up to (assuming they pick up!) and/or locate them if there is a problem with the built in GPS (check to see if other models have this listed if you would like to find a cheaper one) but this also gives them more freedom to text and yak to their friends and at all times of the day.

Many parents have come up with contracts between them and their kids for the proper usage of a cell phone.  This can be a great idea. 

So, if you would like to get your kids a cell, but don’t want credit checks or out of control bills in the mail, then consider getting prepaid cell phones for kids and keep in touch no matter where they go!

Sanyo 2700 Prepaid Phone for Kids with 1 Year of GPS, Blue (Kajeet)
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