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  • Can help you to have a better control of your expenses: It is one of the main benefits of having a prepaid credit card. You can only use the amount of money that you have transferred to your account. In Australia there are several banks that are issuing prepaid credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery. I would like you to know more about this kind of credit card in your local city. You can make searches in the Internet about this kind of credit cards and its benefits.

  • You don't have to pay for interest rate: Prepaid credit cards don't require you make payments of interest rate. There are banks that take you a minimum quantity of money that cold is lower that 1 dollar, when you add funds to your prepaid credit cards, but if you make this adding of fund online as a transfer could be for free.

  • They can be used to save money as a saving account: You can use prepaid credit cards to save money for a short term and then use these funds to make payments and consumes online or in local shops.

  • Prepared credit cards are a good solutions for people with a negative credit score: There are people that are interested in purchase through the Internet or making any kind of consumes where is required a credit card, but due to its negative credit score it isn't possible. With prepaid credit card you have this problem solved.

  • They can help you make more secure online purchasing: I personally think this is a more secure option for customers.


Well, Quiet a lot! So expect my second Info barrel about Prepaid Credit Card Cons. ;)

Full Review

If you know a lot about the benefits of having credit cards –-those that are often issued by authorized banks-- the benefits of prepaid credit cards are better. There are too many benefits that are related to prepaid credit cards we are going to talk about today. If you are using prepaid credit cards probably you can feel fine with the use of this fantastic payment instruments. Today there are more and more banks that are offering prepaid credit cards and offering many of them to prospect and customers. The difference between a conventional credit card and a prepaid credit card is that the first is issued by an authorized bank and is basically based on a short-term loan that you receive from the bank that have issued this credit card, this short-term loan should be paid monthly for you so that you can have back and clean the whole limit of your credit card. In the same of prepaid credit cards, this limit is not issued by the banks; the limit is based on the amount of money you transfer to this credit card. You will have a card with similar characteristic than a conventional credit card such as credit card number, issued under the authorization of a credit card association –-Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery-- that your banks is prepared to provide. In the following words we are going to understand better the benefits of using prepaid credit cards.

In Closing