About Prepaid Wireless

The reason that prepaid wireless plans and the various prepaid cell phone options that exist for these plans are so many is that using a prepaid service is beneficial to many people.

Prepaid wireless is a mush cheaper option for a person who does not use a phone very much, but just needs the security or peace of mind of having a phone along at home, in the car, or on a trip. Unlike traditional cell phone service, prepaid service has no or a low monthly fee which will save a lot of money for those who don't need many minutes.

Here are the types of plans and phones that you can expect to find in the prepaid market.

Prepaid Wireless Plan Options

When it comes to prepaid cell phone plans, there are a few options that you should shop for.

A monthly fee versus no monthly fee is a primary difference in these plans. Traditionally, prepaid plans have no monthly fee so the minutes are simply purchased in advance and deducted at a predetermined rate per minute as you use your minutes. This is a very easy way to pay in advance since a customer can clearly decide how many minutes are remaining at any time. In other plans, however, a there is a monthly fee which allows a predetermined number of minutes per month. In these plans, the unused minutes may either be rolled over to the next month or lost.

The option to rollover minutes is a significant option to check when you compare prepaid cell phone plans. In some plans you cannot roll over minutes. If you don's use them by the expiration date they are lost. This still ends up being cheaper than normal cell service for low-minute users. In other plans you can keep any prepaid minutes by purchasing more minutes before they expire. Then all the minutes, including your new and rollover minutes, will have the same future expiration date. This is a good option and one that you need to look for in your plan.

The use of prepaid cards is the last major reason in shopping for a plan. Some companies use cards and some don't, rather using a subscription method. When using cards you will buy them online or at a retailer like an office store, big box store or drug store. There are some ways to save money on prepaid cards. First, look for sales at these stores as they may occasionally have a small special. Second, check online for coupon codes to use when you buy online. Finally, check out the use of "double minute" promotions or check the rates of cards that offer more minutes as they are normally cheaper per minute than those with fewer minutes. If your minutes won't expire and you can buy the larger card you will normally save money.

Prepaid Cell Phone Options

When shopping for cell phones on a prepaid cell phone plan, know that you have limited options, but not nearly as limited as it was not long ago. Today it is possible to get high quality prepaid android smart phones in addition to standard prepaid flip phones or prepaid candy bar phones. It really depends on what you want to use the phone for.

For callers who only want a phone in the glove compartment for an emergency, a prepaid cell phone for $10 is easy to find with excellent coverage. For those looking for a mid-range phone to carry around a phone with limited web access may make sense. Finally, users looking for applications and full smart phone options are shop for these full-featured phones in the prepaid market.

Keep in mind that using a powerful web-enabled phone or smart phone with a prepaid plan is a trap. If you use lots of minutes you would be better off with a traditional plan. Make sure you know how you will use your phone before going with the prepaid route.

Options Abound

Whether you are shopping for the best prepaid cell phone plans or looking for the best prepaid cell phone for your lifestyle there are many options available. By shopping around, you will be able to find the prepaid wireless and prepaid cell phone options that are perfect for you.