International assignment - Preparation Stage

Once the international assignment project is approved, the preparation stage for the international assignment starts. The home and host Human Resource department have to arrange for necessary documentation. Once all documents are signed, the application of Visa and Work Permit begins.

Visa and Work Permit

Visa and work permit regulation for the international assignment are regulated by the host country. Each application process is different depending on the regulatory requirements, the educational level of the employee and his nationality.

The actual application process for an international assignment may take longer than the estimation given by the respective government bodies.

You and your family can expedite by:

1. Making sure that the validity of the passport meets the requirement of the host country work permit application criteria.

2. Checking the relevant website of the embassy and host country so that he is aware of the process flow and timelines.

Take note that the embassy may ask for additional certifications and employers notification.

3. Getting in contact with the HR Department to arrange for the Visa and Work Permit Application process as soon as possible.

4. Ensuring that the important documents, such as the academic certificates and transcripts, are in English language.

5. Preparing for a face to face interview at the embassy if this is part of the requirement.

The Home and host country HR department will support the visa and work permit application process.

The Company will bear the cost of visa and work permit application, and the cost for the application of the visa for the family.

However, the Company does not undertake to employ the spouse if she is not a current employee.

Any non-approval of visa and work permit application for the employee will result in the annulment of the International Assignment contract.

Accommodation arrangement for an International Assignment

The Host and the Home country HR Department will support you in seeking appropriate accommodation for the duration of the international assignment.

Your duty is to:

1. Check the website to know the working location.

2. Define your requirements during the international assignment, such as rental cost, preferred area of residence, public transport system, proximity to schools and others. The HR Department will provide you a check list for accommodation hunting.

3. Contact the Host Country HR Department. They will provide you with contacts for housing agencies. The housing agents will provide you with a list of available houses or apartments.

4. Check with the HR Department of the host country about the cost of the housekeeper, furniture rental options, car leasing, school fees and others.

It is best to choose the appropriate accommodation personally. The Expatriate can combine house viewing activity with required business trips. The Expatriate is entitled to a maximum of two days leave for making housing arrangement. He should use the time to arrange necessary registrations. The company will reimburse the cost for the economy class air ticket and two days hotel accommodation for the spouse to accompany the Expatriate.

The rental contract is signed by the Expatriate, unless it is a requirement that the Host Company becomes the tenant. The Host Company HR Department can assist for legal review of the rental contract before the Expatriate signs it.

Negotiation for the rental of accommodation is the job of the Expatriate.

The Expatriate may need to put a deposit. The Company can support the Expatriate in such a case and issue an upfront payment.

The Company will borne the cost for engaging the service of the housing agent to source for accommodation for your international assignment.

Housing at Home Country

The cost arising from the sale of the house is foot by the Expatriate. The Company does not reimburse for any capital gain tax or other taxes associated with the sale of a personal residence. The Company may reimburse the Expatriate for any penalty occurred for early termination of a rental contract.

This occurs in the event that the Company requests the Expatriate to take up the International Assignment before the expiry of rental contract.

The expatriate must submit a copy of the rental contract and a notice from the landlord describing the forfeiture and penalty to the Company.

Moving and Storage for international assignment

For international assignment up to twelve months, it is recommended to rent a furnished place. In such case only your personal belongings such as clothing and books are to be moved.

Please note that there might be customs duties on items purchased abroad in case the overseas stay is shorter than twelve month.

If the international assignment is for a longer duration, you can choose to move your furniture from home country to host country.

You can arrange for the storage of furniture if the international assignment is less than 12 months. The Company will finance the actual storage cost. You will provide three different price quotations for storage. The final decision on the storage company is with the Company.

The Company will finance the moving cost for the international assignment. The Expatriate should present three different price quotations to the Home Country HR Department. The moving package includes pick up at private address, distribution of goods and customs clearance. The final decision on the moving company is with the Company.

In some cases customs clearance might request the Expatriate to hand out his passport for several days. Therefore the Expatriate should collect upfront information from the moving company on required customs documentation for entering / leaving home and host country.

The Company will reimburse lodging, rental car or taxi up to a maximum of seven days (per move) during the moving period. Details on lodging and moving for your international assignment are to be discussed with the Home Country HR Department.



If you want to ship your pets to the new work location, you are responsible for all expenses relating to this shipment, including, but not limited to, shipping fees, insurance, immunizations, travel kennels, quarantine or boarding fees, custom duties, and required documentation.

The Company will not bear any cost associated with the shipping of your pet.


Medical Issues


1. Pre-existing Illnesses

As noted previously pre-existing illnesses like cancer, bone atrophy, diabetes will not be covered by any worldwide Health Insurance. It is the Expatriates responsibility to inform the HR Department as early as possible if he or his family is suffering from any pre-existing illnesses.

The Company reserves the right to cancel the International Assignment in this case.


2. Vaccination for International Assignment

Information about appropriate vaccination can be collected on the internet page of the respective embassy. It is advisable to seek professional consultation with the doctor. The Expatriate is responsible to decide on the appropriate vaccination. The Expatriate is also responsible to keep himself in healthy conditions. The Company will reimburse the Expatriate and his family for the required vaccination.


Family and Friends

An international assignment is an adventure. However, an international assignment might be a different experience for each of the family member.

Kids have to experience a new class, and the spouse is out of job and has to deal with day-to-day matters without knowing the area or even speaking the language. Even if there is hardly any way to avoid this downtime experience it can be minimized

The home and host country Human Resource Department can support with the arrangement for an initial networking opportunities, such as events by the embassy, Chamber of Commerce, activities within the host company, local sport clubs and other networking opportunities.

It is highly recommended that the Expatriate spends time in managing his leisure time activities. Upfront correspondence with local network and Expatriate organizations will ease the start of the Expatriate and his family. However, the Company will not bear the cost of Club Membership fees.

Kindergarten and Schooling

The Company will reimburse the Expatriate for Kindergarten and school fees for legally dependant kids. Legally dependent kids are defined as dependents up to the age of 18.

Reimbursement entitlement includes international schools and kindergartens. The reimbursement amount will be reduced by the equivalent fee to be paid in the home country. The reimbursement is valid only for children who are joining the expatriate during his international assignment.

More details will be stipulated in the International Assignment contract