Getting ready for a new baby is not always the easiest chore. Especially if this is your first baby to be born.

Things You Will Need




Infant size diapers


Baby clothes

Receiving blankets

Changing table



Baby monitor

Baby bottles (bottle liners)

Infant car seat

Baby formula

High chair

Bumper pads

Baby swing

Baby thermometer

Step 1

See an OBGYN. If you haven't already you need to see an OBGYN. I can not express enough how important prenatal care is while a child is growing in your womb. Make sure to get the best prenatal pills for you and your baby.

Step 2

Find a baby crib . The next step is requires just a bit more effort. You will need to find a baby crib that is up to safety standards. I do not suggested buying a second hand crib due to fact that safety standards are always changing. We want your new baby to be safe at all times. You should also consider getting a bassinet for the baby to sleep in for the first few weeks. The bassinet can sit next to your bed for easier access to the baby for night time feedings.

Step 3

Stock up. You will want to stock up on baby gear such as, infant size diapers, wipes, baby clothes, receiving blankets, a changing table, stroller(s), pacifier(s), baby monitor, baby bottles, bottle liners if needed, infant car seat, formula, a high chair, bumper pads for the crib, a baby swing, baby thermometer, and lots of patience and love.

After the new baby arrives you will be extremely busy and household chores might be pushed to the bottom of your list. Not to worry babies grow very quickly and you can do chores as needed until then.

Tips & Warnings

It is never easy getting adjusted to parenting a new child. Keep your peditrition's phone number near the phone along with a seasoned parent's phone number. Never be afraid to ask, there is not how to be a good parent handbook.