When you first have a friend or family member over to your home, they get somewhat of a "first impression" from being in your personal living space. When you have just met someone, this can be a deal breaker if your home isn't very hospitable! However, there are a few things you can do in preparation to avoid any mishaps.

Dust in high (and low) places, if your guest is taller or shorter than you, be sure to dust anywhere you can see- and in places that you may not be able to see! You may have dusted everything in YOUR sight… but if your guest is taller and can see dust on the top of a shelf- that would be a little gross!

After you have cleaned, it may smell nice-like cleaning chemicals. And while some germaphobes may like the smell because they know it is clean- most guest will like a more pleasant smell. I have found that baking cookies or a lunch/dinner makes the house smell delicious and it could get you a few compliments!

While you are cooking, use your free minutes to bring order to your living space and remove any telling items from view. Things like mousetraps, financial statements, personal items, etc. should be put away. It's also best to make sure everything in it's place- it would be odd to find a toothbrush at the kitchen sink even if you lived in a studio apartment!

Lastly, create a nice atmosphere with lighting and sound whether it be music playing or the TV on low volume. This makes it feel less like a laboratory and more comfortable for the guests and yourself-plus the minimal sound makes it easier to communicate of course.

For some extra points, try freezing some glasses and stocking the fridge with food and drink (it helps if you find out ahead of time what your guest(s) like). Making sure you know how to run your thermostat. Knowing the best restaurants that deliver in your area (just in case). And as long as your guest isn't allergic to flowers, it's always a nice touch to have fresh ones sitting out.

By making your home friendlier to others, you make it easier to feel comfortable and communicate for both them and yourself!