Best locations of nightlife in Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona

If you wonder how is the nightlife in Barcelona then read further about the varied recreations that invade Barcelona's nocturnal scene and which provide something for everyone and for every budget. This is a city that comes more alive during the nighttime and the entertainment it offers is mind-blowing. From glitzy bars and clubs to laid-back pubs, every corner of the city operates at least one of them and visitors can be assured that they're not going to run out of nighttime activity - the nightlife is rich enough in Barcelona. The taverns and cafes are among the local favorites where tourists can enjoy a bottle of wine while soaking up the town's culture and mingling with the locals. As long as you are of the legal age of 18, visiting these vicinities is an inexpensive way to pass the night.

Nightlife in Barcelona - What to expect

nightlife During the nights of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the nightlife in Barcelona is livelier and the best since nightclubs are packed with locals and tourists alike. It is also the time when young and hip backpackers hit the nightclub scene. Barcelona nightlife is popular for its vibrant, fashionable, and colorful scenery. You can feel how love is alive here. A promenade or paseo kick starts Barcelona nightlife at around 8 to 9pm. After the promenade, a kind of quiet settles over the streets in Barcelona as people are preparing for a long night ahead. After dinner, the streets come to life again as locals and tourists pick their spots to spend the night away. Bottles and glasses clink as drinks are passed around and things start to get heat up at around midnight.

For the most exclusive bars and clubs, many Barcelonese save their energy until 1am, to socialize and drink with friends in these swanky venues. The night is just starting for these nocturnal creatures and tourists may need to adjust to this unusual schedule. If you want to prolong the fun in a club, you might want to wait it out until 2am, as most clubs don't open until then. It is only when the bars close at 3am that the crowds in clubs start swelling up and the party goes on until the sun rises. Free entrance and discounts are not uncommon in these places, allowing you to save the fee to buy more drinks inside. Usually, the entrance fee is based on the DJ, occasion and what the clubber looks like.

Nightlife in Barcelona - How to prepare

If you want to take on the nightlife in Barcelona, you need to get ready for a hard partying that is bound to happen all night long. The drinking and club scene do not unfold until the wee hours of the night and the activity continues into the next morning. The town in the night is transformed into a scene where people hop from one place to the next. The rising sun usually signals the end of these activities, but not until everybody had plenty of drinks and socializing done. People gather at their dining tables at around 9pm and loosen up with a few rounds of beer afterwards.

To fully gear up for the nightlife in Barcelona, taking siesta in the afternoon conserves the energy you are going to need later in the night. You might as well sleep the afternoon away as it is the custom of the Barcelonese people and all of Spain. The streets go quiet and you can rest until the streets are fired up again with preparations for the evening activities. After emerging from a restful siesta, fill your system with caffeine. This will wake your nerves up so you are not going to have a hard time making it through the rest of the day.

The city is not without its long line of restaurants and dining areas. Fill up with local specialties in a spot where you can take in wonderful vistas, while your mind is still clear from the booze. You cannot brave the nightlife in Barcelona with an empty stomach because you will surely not last the night. If you are planning to go out on a particular night, do not forget to conserve your energy until then. While you're at it, visit all interesting spots. This is your chance to enjoy the famed Barcelona nightlife and you need to collect as much fond memories as you can.

Nightlife in Barcelona - Where to go

Barcelona-Las Ramblas BoulevardWith two million people inhabiting this lively city, one place is not enough to sample the best of Barcelona's nightlife. You need to keep moving and check around so you don't have to miss anything. The Las Ramblas is a the best place to start for first-time tourists. Bustling with crowds during the day, Las Ramblas during the night is bursting with festivities. In the earlier hours of the evening, street performers perk up the evening while locals and tourists fill themselves with foods and drinks. Restaurants are busy serving tapas and other local specialties while bars and clubs prepare for the regular crowd and new visitors to fill their venues. Some of the most popular bars located in the boulevard of Las Ramblas are the Boadas bar and Boulevard Club. Keep in mind that there are plenty of festivals during all year in Barcelona. The Grec Arts Festival for example, held at venues all over the city from the end of June through to August, is the city's largest dance music and theatre festival.

If one is eager to explore the convoluted alleys of Gothic Quarter, you will be treated to genuine nightlife venues in Barcelona. What are hidden in these dark alleys are quaint spots ideal for chatting, relaxing, and enjoying some good wine. Sugar and Nevermind are some of these sassy bars and if you're up for some Irish or British atmosphere, pubs like Flaherty's is the best place to spot and chat with fellow tourists. Meanwhile, regular backpackers convened at Plaza Real to enjoy the club scenes of Jamboree, Tarantos and Sidecar.

To mingle with a more chic crowd, El Born offers a more sophisticated experience of the nightlife in Barcelona. Dress to impress to mix with other club goers and hop into cafes and bars in Passeig Del Born. Miramelindo and Nose are constant favorites, but fun activities are not restricted within these two places. You can wander around to spot a place that fits with your definition and expectation of Barcelona nightlife. If you want a rowdier scene, Raval may suit your fancy. You can join many chupito drinkers here and enjoy laughs with regular patrons. Other places to enjoy in Raval in the tour of nightlife in Barcelona are the Zentraus and Ambar where you can pick up some kebab before moving on to Marmalade or Rita Rouge to join a more fashionable congregation of clubbers.