In light of all the natural disasters that have happened in the past 10 years it has become necessary to include our pets in a family plan of action.

Prepare our pets for Natural DisasterCredit:;By Alvimann



Every family should have 2 plans of actions. One action is to stay put if it is safe to do so and the other would be to leave your home if it’s not safe.  The hardest to prepare for is leaving your home as you will need to have ready to go with you (in a moment’s notice) everything you will need to survive for at least a couple of days. Your pets should not be left to fend for themselves and if you plan ahead, you can plan for them as well.

Supplies for leaving home:

Leashes- make sure you have secure leashes. Animals get frightened with bad weather such as in a Natural Disaster or change of environment and they can run off if they are scared. Best to keep them secure.


3 days food & water- The Red Cross makes sealed packets of dog and cat food or you can do it yourself. You will have to keep track of the expiration dates as dog food lasts about 6 months.  You can seal single meals in seal a meal bags.  Water can be set aside by the gallon. Probably a gallon a day per pet would be enough.


Food & Water Bowls- Travel bowls are convenient and collapsible to use in case of a Natural Disaster. They fold up neatly and you can buy them at Wal-Mart or even the dollar store. 


Blanket or bedding- You will want to keep your pet comfortable at all times so make sure you have bedding (like an old comforter) set aside with your kit for them.


Chew toys- Who knows how long before you can return to your home.  Plan on a variety of chew toys for your dog and play toys for your cat. This will keep your pet happy.


Towels: Make sure you bring some beach or large bath towels in case it is rainy and they get wet so you can towel dry them off.  This is especially necessary if it’s cold out as you don’t want your pet to get sick.


Vitamins, Medicine:  You should evaluate what medicines your dog or cat use now and then as well as on a regular basis. Have at least 1 week of regular meds and vitamins. The medicine your pets use now and then would be a bonus to have just in case they become sick. It’s better to be prepared.  Check the expirations on these items regular and replace if not used before expiration date.