I remember as a kid waiting impatiently as my mother was preparing an Easter Egg Hunt for my brother and myself. The only problem, I thought at the time, was that we had to wait for everyone to arrive before we could start. It felt like hours but in reality was about ten minutes.

Before everyone was to arrive, we were instructed to go downstairs and wait. There was no cheating that system, as my father was with us making sure we weren't peeking and seeing where the eggs were placed. No fair right?

I was filled with anticipation waiting for everyone to arrive so that we could start. My mom was good at preparing an Easter Egg Hunt. We had a very large yard with lots of bushes and shrubs, as well as a wood fence around the perimeter of our yard. Not to mention lots of other places that we did not know existed.

Being very short my whole childhood did not help either. Many of these eggs were placed above where I was looking. My mother would place them inside the shrubs, up high where branches split on trees and would even hide them in between slats in the fence.

Once we had gotten all the eggs, it was time to count out who had more. Usually it was my brother. I looked forward to this every year.

Now with all this fun, one memory still sticks in my head even with all my loving mother did preparing for our Easter Egg Hunt... Fast forward about 3 or 4 months. Some of you should be getting a clue now. Yes, my mother forgot to count how many eggs she had hidden and forgot where they were. These were hard-boiled eggs, not the plastic eggs that are used today.

So in helping you out in preparing an Easter Egg Hunt yourself I hope this helps.

Fill plastic eggs with jellybeans, chocolate or treats of any kind. Preferably something that will not turn rotten. The best things to put in them would be small toys just in case the eggs are misplaced. Hide eggs based on the age groups. Hide at lower heights and easier places, and use brighter colored eggs for the younger children.

Place food and beverages on a table for the hungry hunters. Wherever you have the refreshments inside or out, line your table with a runner. A cheap way to go is to use butcher paper and decorate with rabbits made of craft paper. That way it is festive, but can also just be thrown away when done.

If there are going to be lots of kids, use an old tradition - Easter style. Pin the cottontail on the rabbit.

But above everything else, have fun and enjoy yourself. Happy Easter