My mother, Polly, was famous for the special bread she made for the family at most holiday gatherings. As you can see in the attached photo, the presentation is very pleasing to the eye. And it's delicious! The bread was coined "Polly's Bread" by my children and has been requested and enjoyed by friends and relatives for many years.

Polly's Bread

Things You Will Need

Two one pound frozen bread loaves
A Bundt Pan
Garlic Salt

Step 1

Raw Dough This is Polly's recipe. First, thaw two frozen one pound plain dough loaves, following the directions on the package. I've found that slow thawing in the refrigerator overnight is best. After thawing, cut each loaf into 8 similar sized pieces.(See the photo)
Raw Dough

Step 2

Seasoned slices Next, generously coat one side of each piece of dough with salted butter and a sprinkling of garlic salt. (See the photo)
Seasoned slices

Step 3

Arranged pieces Arranged pieces

Now, arrange the dough slices in a Bundt pan, alternating the direction the pieces are pointing. Always place the buttered side of the bread slice against the unbuttered side of the adjacent piece. You'll find that the 16 pieces of bread are just the right amount to fill the Bundt pan. (See the photo)

Step 4

Raised bread Raised bread

Cover the Bundt pan with a towel, and let the dough rise for approximately two hours. The rising takes place best in temperatures around 100 degrees. You may use an oven for this step, but make sure the temperature isn't much above 100 degrees. I suggest warming the oven and then turning it off before putting the dough in to rise. When the dough has risen an inch or two above the lip of the Bundt pan, it's time to bake Polly's bread.(See the photo)

Notice how alternating the bread slices made an interesting pattern in the raised dough.

Step 5

The Finished Product Remove the towel and bake the bread in a 375 degree oven for 25-30 minutes until the top crust is a golden brown. If the top crust gets too dark before the baking time is up, just lie a piece of aluminum foil loosely over the top of the Bundt pan. When the bread is done baking, remove it from the oven and turn it upside down on a dinner plate. Now, lift the Bundt off of the bread, and gently flip the bread over so the crust is on top. Brush butter on the crust so it shines, and Voila! You have Polly's Bread. (See the photo)
The Finished Product As you pass the bread around the table, everyone will enjoy tearing off their own piece of Polly's Bread.

Tips & Warnings

For variety, you can try other herbs and spices besides garlic salt. Also, there are other seasoned salts that you may like to try.

Basil makes for an interesting variation. Use your imagination, experiment, and enjoy!