If you've chosen to wear white wedding shoes on your wedding day, be sure that you have fully prepped them beforehand. What do I mean by this? Well, you definitely have to get them ready. This involves a few steps. Most brides don't think about this beforehand, but if they spent a little time doing this, they would find that their shoes would be nice and ready for them.

First, try not to wear them outside of the house. It is important to break them in, but don't break them in outside. This is because white bridal shoes tend to get dirty really easily. Therefore, you don't want them to get dirty before you wear them on the day of. White is a beautiful color, but it tends to attract dust and grass stains and everything else so if you want them to be pristine on the day of, don't wear them out too much. If you do have to wear them out, make sure you are going somewhere nice and clean.

Second, you have to wear them around a bit beforehand. I tell all of my brides to do this so they get used to walking on these shoes. These are the shoes that will take them down the aisle to their future husbands. These are the shoes they will kick their feet up in as they are dancing on the dance floor with their husband and all of their family and friends. Therefore, you want to be really comfortable walking around in them. Not every heel is made the same. Your white wedding shoes are probably slightly different in fit and style from another shoe. Therefore, you want to make sure you know how to properly wear them and your feet are familiar with the fit.

After wearing them around for awhile, make sure that you don't feel sore when taking them off. The first indication that there might be a problem on your wedding day is if your feet feel tired or hurt after removing them. Therefore, check your feet. Walk around the house in bare feet and see how they feel after you've taken the shoes off. If they feel good, you are ready to go. If they don't feel so great, then check to see what is hurting and see what you can do to prevent this. Band aids, shoe pads, even baby powder can all be used to help your feet feel better in your shoes.

Don't let your beautiful white bridal shoes ruin your big day. Break them in and get used to them beforehand.