Winter Greenhouse Gardening

How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Winter

As cold weather approaches you will need to get your green house ready for winter.

  • Move the plants out long enough to clean the whole greenhouse real good.
  • This will keep mold and mildew from forming and ruining your structure.
  • It will be safer for your plants too.


How do you clean it the right way you ask?

  • Below is a list of things that should be done to clean and prepare you greenhouse for the winter months.

Wash your whole greenhouse down including the structure and the tables or benches.

  • Use an approved disinfectant for the job.
  • You want to remove all the spots of mold, mildew, or algae that you can.
  • A bleach solution can help do this but make sure to rinse real well.

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Make the glass clean with the appropriate solution.

  • You can find various brands for the job.
  • Always use products approved for greenhouse use, otherwise you could taint the air inside the greenhouse.
  • This would not be good for the plants.

Wash down anything else with mild soap and water.

  • This goes for the any of the polycarbonate or fiberglass you may have present in the greenhouse.
  • Just be gentle with cleaning so you don't scratch anything up by rubbing too hard.

If you have used wood anywhere you may need to seal it again to make sure it stays in good condition.

  • If you see that it needs to be replaced this is a good time to do that too.
  • So look it over and see what shape it is in.

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After you have finished cleaning you can replace the plants.

  • Set them back in where they belong.
  • Water and feed them if you need to.
  • Make sure to remove any dead blooms and leaves, might as well groom them while sprucing everything else.

Be sure the heat is working for the winter too. Start up the heater and make sure it is operating at peak efficiency.

  • You don't want your plants getting frozen.
  • If it needs any cleaning or maintenance in anyway do it now, do not wait.
  • The motor after sitting idle all summer may need to be oiled.
  • Check on the thermostat too to make sure that it is measuring the temp accurately.

It is always good to have backup power for your greenhouse, in the form or a solar or gas powered generator in case the power goes out.

  • The plants that you have taken such good care of deserve better than to freeze just because you did not plan for this emergency.

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These are just some of the things to do to winterize your greenhouse.

You will see that you can enjoy growing things all winter long with the right preparations.

  • You may also grow some herbs and vegetables throughout the winter too with the right setup.
  • Just think about walking into your hobby greenhouse to see the reds, oranges, yellows, and pink blooms of your favorite flowers.


Enjoy your greenhouse all year through!

Preparing Winter Greenhouses