School time again and it's never too soon to start adapting children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) back into a school routine. In fact, children with ADD often times need a month or two prior to the school year beginning to adjust back to new waking and bed times. Many researchers have concluded that routine and structure are the keys to helping your ADD child succeed. Here are some ways to assist your child get ready for the new school year.

Things You Will Need

Dry erase boards

Step 1

BEGIN NOW. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) children require some time to readjust to sleep and morning school routines. Begin at least a month before the first day of school. Purchase items needed for school and assist your son or daughter to organize their bedroom in a way to assure success on a daily basis. Give your child the proper environment to study by providing them with a brightly lit area to do homework. You may want to consider letting your ADD child use the radio while doing their homework. Studies are now showing this can be a helpful way to assist your ADD child to focus.

Step 2

ORGANIZE EVERYTHING. Put cubes in your attention deficit disorder child's room for different clothing items such as socks and underwear. Put a calendar with a dry erase feature on their wall so that they are in control of their activities and keeping track of assignments. Purchase an assignment tracking notebook for your ADD child and teach them to write their daily assignments in it. Too many ADD children try to rely on memory. Purchase assignment folders specifically for taking paperwork and notices to and from school.

Step 3

ESTABLISH ROUTINES. Your attention deficit child needs routines to really excel. Take the time to create a set schedule for before and after school routines and post this for your child to follow like a checklist. It's probably a good idea to get this laminated as it will get used a lot. Encourage them to cross off activities once they are done. Make sure you also post the house study rules. It is important that you are absolutely transparent about your home's study rules. Make sure your ADD child fully understands the punishment if they make the choice to ignore these rules. Conversely, you need to be ready to reward good behavior.

Step 4

INSURE SCHOOL SUCCESS. Purchase items such as locker magnets or organizers to help your ADD child keep themselves on task at school. Really reinforce the importance of bringing all paperwork home on a daily basis. Keeping the ADD child's locker free of clutter will really help them succeed!
Your child's success begins with you. Beginning your school routine early, organizing their room, establishing study routines and organizing their locker will help prepare children with ADD for the new school year.

Tips & Warnings

Be patient. Children with ADD need lots of love and understanding as well as structure.