home for sale
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Selling your home can be a seriously stressful experience.  Just ask anyone who’s been through it before. You love your home or you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.  Whatever the reason it’s time to move on and let someone else take over the reins.  But what about all those buyers out there?  Will they see the same beauty that you do?  Will your house be snatched up straight out of the gate or will you be left holding the bag? And most importantly, how much money should you invest in a home you’re about to sell?

Real estate can be a bit unpredictable and there’s really no way to know how your experience will go, but there are few steps you can take beforehand to help push it in the right direction.  Here’s a few tips that have helped me in the past with getting a home sold.  They’re affordable and yet they still pack a positive punch.  Hopefully they’ll work for you as well.

  1. Touch up the paint in your home. I’m talking walls, ceilings, doors, trim…. The works.  Now don’t panic.  I’m not suggesting you hire a professional and spend boo coo bucks for perfection.  I’m merely stating that if there’s a wall that your child drew a picture on or a ceiling where the wall paint splattered where it shouldn’t have, fix it.  It’s cheap and you can do it yourself.  I touched up pretty much all the trim and the majority of the doors in my home over a one month period before we put our house up.  Whenever I had time, I painted a bit more.  Chances are, you already have the paint on hand and believe me when I tell you that it makes all the difference in taking your home from worn out to WOW when your potential buyers walk through the door.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean.  I can’t emphasize this point enough!  A clean house is a sold house.  Remember that people will most likely walk through your house once and maybe twice before making a decision.  First impressions are everything.  If they see kid’s dirty handprints on the walls and dirt on the light switches, it won’t entice them to want to buy.  Wash your walls, wash your baseboards, check for spider webs and clean up your kitchen cabinets.  If you care enough to clean your house thoroughly, it will translate to your buyers that you have cared for all aspects of your house, inside and out. 
  3. Box up that Ten Year Magazine Collection. Decluttering is just as important as cleaning.  If you have boxes of kids toys, extra chairs, miscellaneous counter top appliances and the like littered throughout your home, it will distract buyers from the main reason they’re there in the first place; to fall in love with your space!  A person looking at your home wants to be able to imagine themselves living in your home.  If they aren’t able to do that because there’s too much of “you” filling the rooms, chances are you’ll lose the sale.
  4. Curb Appeal is Everything.  I’ve already mentioned that first impressions are super important when selling a house and there’s no bigger first impression than the moment that realtor and her client steps out of the car to see your home from the outside for the first time.  You better have your bushes trimmed, the lawn mowed and your sidewalk swept.  If you have a front porch, make sure to get all the potential spider webs broomed away from the eaves as well as the outdoor lights.  Trim bushes away from the side of your house.  Not only does it look nicer, but bushes and trees that touch your home invite insects inside to visit and won’t pass inspection when you finally do sell to the right family.
  5. Be Patient. Even with all the right steps taken, it can still take time to sell a home.  Just make sure that you treat each and every showing like it’s the first.  Vacuum before you leave, pick up all the random junk and place out a vase of flowers or fruit to welcome your visitors into your home.  Turn on lights in any potentially dark rooms and then head out and let the showing commence.

I can’t promise that taking all these steps will guarantee a faster sale, but it definitely won’t hurt and chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the fruits of your labor.