If you are in the process of deciding whether to get a breast reduction surgery, you may want to check with a surgeon to get deeper information about the surgery itself and how you will look like after it.

First of all, do not take the first choice you run into, keep your choices open and prepare a short list of surgeons in your city. You may use the phonebook, ask your friends and colleagues, search the internet or participate in relevant forums and blogs. After you prepare your list, do a quick search through the internet to find anything about the reputation that may encourage or discourage you from dealing with them, limit your list to three to five top surgeons and start contacting them for a consultation sessions. You may want to eliminate those who charge very high fees for a consultation sessions.

When you go to your consultation session you may want to ask your surgeon some main questions about the operation, complications and the expected results. The first thing you may want to know that whether the surgeon is certified or not. Do not get fooled because the clinic or the surgery center looks good make sure that the surgeon is certified by asking him directly about his qualifications and how many times did he carry out the same operation before.

Ask your surgeon to show you his portfolio of before and after photos. Of course these photos may be retouched or digitally improved but they will give you a general idea about the surgeon work and style. While you are in the clinic you may meet another patient that already undergone a breast reduction surgery with that surgeon, ask her about her experience and whether the surgeon where helpful or not.

If the surgeon fails to listen to you then you may want to pass on him and choose another one. It is extremely important to have an understanding surgeon who explains the procedure fully and tell you clearly what to expect from the operation.

Ask your surgeon about the operation and what technique he will be using with your particular case. Ask him also about how you are going to look after the operation and does the numbness last for a long time or not.

At the end of your session, if you are not convinced with the surgeon then move to next one on your list till you find the best one for your breast reduction surgery.