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Prepping For Disasters: Review of Ron Foster Books

Author Ron Foster

I decided to try to learn a little about preparing for disasters. It seems like they are becoming a very real threat these days and I wanted to know something about it. I tried several books and found them hard to read because they were technical, sometimes confusing and well...boring. I couldn't seem to remember the things I should do or not do or got them jumbled in my mind.

Now before you think I'm an idiot, remember that I was completely new to this topic and so some of the terms and explanations were foreign to me. I got frustrated and gave up. A friend of mine is into prepping and I hadn't seen him for awhile. We ran into each other and I was telling him about my experience with this and he told me to start reading books by Ron Foster. I did and it was amazing what I learned.

Ron Foster has writen many, many books on the topic and all of them are fictional stories. This is what makes them so unique. They aren't your dry manuals about the subject, but fascinating stories that keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

The characters in his books are very colorful and will make you laugh and cry. His books have a definite Southern slant to them, which made them even more fun. You are swept up in the adventures they are on in trying to survive different kinds of disaster situations. He has also come out recently with audio versions of some of them and they are even better. But don't let the fact that they are fiction fool you.

They may be fictional, but they are very real in terms of what could happen. They are also full of practical information on survival tips and tricks. That is one of the things I found fascinating. I could actually remember what those tips were because of the story connected to each of them. Somehow it made it more vivid in my mind and I could see the character doing it. This sure beat the other kinds of books I was trying to read.

Ron Foster has an impressive background in this field and is considered an expert by many. He has had many interviews and podcasts with various prepping sites and magazines. 

 If you are interested in learning about preparing for disasters, try his books. They are fun, educational and entertaining...making it a better experience all around. They are great for newbie preppers, like me!

Preppers Road March
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(price as of Dec 13, 2013)
Just one of his many fascinating books!
BUG OUT! Preppers on the move!: Bug out to live and eat after EMP.
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(price as of Dec 13, 2013)
Another great Ron Foster book. You can find many more!