Protect your pets!

I have a friend who is very into prepping for the big disaster and has bugged me for years about doing the same. I honestly never gave it much thought and just hoped it would never happen. I may have just not wanted to add this to my list of worries! But with the way the world is going and the more you read in the news, I have begun to think that it might be a good idea to prepare to some degree.

One of my main concerns is my pets and when I found that they have prepper kits for them, I definitely became interested. We would need extra supplies for them too and not just food and water. When I checked out these kits, I realized they have a lot of things in them I never thought about.

Food that can last a long time is obvious, but you might not think about a leash, bowls, powdered styptic to stop bleeding, first aid ointments, water purification tablets or thermal blankets. Even extra toys are something to be considered. I was amazed at what these kits had in them and decided I really needed some.

The thing I like about these are the "grab and go" ability. When faced with disasters, there is usually little time to think. You need supplies that you can grab and take off. This takes out all the worry of being ready. I know your pets are as important to you as mine are to me. Knowing I have the supplies neeeded to get them through a disaster gives me peace of mind. 

There are several companies who have these kits avavilable. I found all of mine on Amazon but if you do a search, I'm sure you will find others. There are emergency kits and also food kits.

I always thought about keeping extra canned food on hand for my pets, but it wasn't until I thought about having to vacate my home that these kits proved to me that I needed more than just extra canned food! I for some reason thought about disasters that allowed me to stay in my house and didn't think about ones that would make me have to leave. Picturing myself trying to lug a couple of cases of food with me made me laugh, but also made me serious about getting the proper supplies for my animals.

Be prepared for disasters for your furry loved ones!



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