Thanksgiving is a time for family bonding and spending time to remember the blessings of the past year. Families get together while sharing a wonderful dinner, with a turkey as the star of the table. However, the little kids, especially those aged 3-6, might not be able to fully understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

One way to slowly teach them this concept is by spending time with them in making some preschool thanksgiving crafts. There are ones that are really easy to make and your little kids will surely enjoy. Make sure that adult supervision is necessary making all preschool thanksgiving crafts.

Need easy thanksgiving craft projects? Here is how you can make a Turkey Thanksgiving craft. You will need: Construction paper in turkey colors (tan, brown, red, orange, yellow – for starters. If you want your imagination go wild, feel free to use other colors.) Scissors Glue Permanent marker

How to Make:

Trace the kid's feet (left and right) on brown construction paper. This will serve as the turkey's body.
Cut the pattern with scissors.
Put the two patterns together and glue at the heels.
With orange or yellow construction paper, cut out two turkey feet and a beak.
Draw the eyes on white paper using the permanent marker.
Don't forget the turkey's wattle with red paper.

Trace the kid's hands on the red, orange and yellow construction papers. Guide the kid in tracing his or her own hands with a pencil or crayon for fun! The hands will serve as the turkey's tail so make sure that you make several hand patterns in the aforementioned different colors.

Note: You can also use other colors for the tail just for fun for your kids. Glue the hand patterns behind the body to make the tail. Spread the hand patterns.

Get a tan construction paper and trace the kid's hands, left and right.
Cut the patterns with scissors.
Glue the hand patterns in front of the turkey's body to make the wings. Make sure to glue the patterns, thumbs on the upper portion.

You now have your Thanksgiving turkey craft ideas! With this, you can teach your kids the meaning of turkey during Thanksgiving. Have fun with other preschool thanksgiving crafts!