There are various types of prescription menopause medication on the market today that will help to ease the symptoms of menopause. These symptoms can include rapid heartbeat, hot flashes, blood pressure issues, dryness of the vaginal area, sleeplessness, tiredness, depression, fatigue, mood swings, and problems with monthly periods. Symptoms appear because the hormones that are normally produced in the body stop being produced or they are produced in lower quantities.

One of the most horrible effects of menopause is hot flashes. Hot flashes occur when a feeling of extreme heat takes over from the chest to the top of the head. Your face may become flushed, and you may experience sweating and heavy breathing. Your heart may beat rapidly and it can last from a few minutes to more than thirty minutes. These happen both during the day and during the night, and you never know when they'll suddenly appear.

There are several medications in the antidepressant department that can aid in easing the symptoms of hot flashes and of course they also help with the symptoms of depression that often accompany menopause. These drugs include Effexor and Prozac, both of which also help with mood swings. Other medications used for menopause are Zoloft, Norpramine, Tofranil and Aventyl. All will help to manage depression and some also aid in relieving hot flashes. Some women get confused easily during menopause and these medications also help out there.

Women in menopause tend to develop high blood pressure for some reason. The drug prescribed for this is frequently Clonindine because it helps diminish hot flashes too. The only problem is that it causes insomnia, and when menopausal women already have problems with sleeplessness, it is not the best choice. On the other hand, in some people this drug also makes them drowsy at inopportune times.

Estrogen and progesterone are often prescribed for women to combat menopausal symptoms, but in the 1970's if was found that they were linked to endometrial and breast cancers. They were also linked to strokes and heart disease. A search was on to find another method to treat menopause symptoms using natural substances.

One of the things developed was Bio-Identical Hormones. These are man made hormones that are identical on a molecular level to some of the natural hormones in the body that become depleted during menopause, namely progesterone, estrogen and androgen. When prescribing these bio-identical hormones, your doctor will try to balance all three hormones in your body. As of today there is no real proof that it works, but those who take these hormones seem to enjoy elimination or reduction of their menopause symptoms.

Some women are reluctant to use prescription medications for menopause, and might prefer to try more natural solutions. There are a number of effective types of over the counter menopause medication that can relieve your symptoms without causing the side effects that may be experienced with stronger drugs.