Prescription sunglasses are an ideal mix of conventional sunglasses and custom eyeglasses. There may have been days when you had to read or write something and the sun was pouring down on you with its wrath - where your eyes needed sunglasses for comfort but you needed to wear your prescription glasses to see. Those days may be history if you start using prescription sunglasses, which solve the problem of glare and clear vision at the same time. These are sunglasses with prescription lenses in them so that the wearer has the best of both worlds.

Many companies like Ray Ban, Oakley and others have moved into the prescription sunglasses market by supplying different frames and lenses that can be customized to each individual’s needs. These prescription sunglasses are not that expensive when compared to normal sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses protect you from the ultra violet rays of the sun, giving you around ninety percent protection. Their best feature is how they enable you to see detail clearly while affording you this protection. Prescription sunglasses are in sufficient demand that they can be easily obtained at any eye clinic or retail eyglasses store. The lenses are made from ordinary sunglass material like polycarbonate and work the same way that nonprescription sunglasses do. Another option is to choose glasses with photochromic lenses. This kind of lens is dark in bright sunlight, but turns lighter and more translucent when sunlight is reduced. These may be very convenient, since the user doesn't have to remove his or her corrective sunglasses and put on regular glasses when transitioning from bright areas to dark ones or vice versa.  This has resulted in the name "transition lenses" being given to this variety of sunglasses. It is important to remember that some photochromic lenses are not designed for ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, only light filtering.

There is another variety of corrective lenses which use polarized lenses that block the glare that results from sunlight bouncing off surfaces like water, pavement, and snow. They filter the light waves that cause the glare, but allow other types of light waves in, so the wearer gets to enjoy the sights under a bright sun naturally without any strain on the eyes. Those with presbyopia vision oftentimes need bifocals or progressive lenses.

Whenever you are looking to buy prescription sunglasses do visit your eye specialist first to determine the right prescription for your eyes. Your optician will also give you advice about the type of sunglasses that will best suit your needs. After that you can go look at the various options available and choose the best one which suits your face and fashion sense. There will be various choices including lens color and types of frame.  


There are various options available to you for buying prescription sunglasses:

Buy Locally: You can go to your nearest retail store or any eye specialist center to get your sunglasses.

Leading Brands: Another option that you have is to buy sunglasses from various leading brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Action Tropics and many more to have good looking designer prescription sunglasses.


Buy Online: There is another option of buying your prescription sunglasses over the internet from leading stores and auction sites like eBay and stores like and Only pursue this option if you already know your prescription.


Buying from a locality near your enables you to try on various frames to see which ones fit you best and allows you to return faulty glasses if necessary. Generic brands range from $50 to $100 for the frames, but the prescription lenses are usually a separate fee. If you choose trendy brands, you will get a great design at higher prices. They range from $200 upwards.  The Online option lets you have a partial look at the frames but you will not be able to try them on. If you shop at local stores first and find the exact frame you want, then buying online could save you some money. For prescription glasses, you will need a prescription from your eye doctor to send in with the online order. Sometimes you can find these online glasses at competitive prices from $50 on up.