Prescription sunglasses are available in almost every style of frame available for non prescription glasses. They offer an excellent alternative to clip on sunglasses as well as for contact wearers who want to protect their eyes from the elements such as sun at the beach. The most important item to remember when purchasing prescription sunglasses is ensuring that they protect against 100% of UV rays, although most newer ones do.

Lens Choices for Prescription Sunglassesprescription sunglasses

The lens choices available for prescription sunglasses include goggles and many wrap around styles. Not all wrap around sunglasses are suitable due to distortion of the prescription due to the curvature of the lens, however many styles are available. Polarized lenses are available for fishermen, skiers and anyone else who is exposed to harsh glare. Photochromatic lenses are available which can be worn both indoors and out, although due to the UV blockage provided by windshields the tint may not develop to a dark enough color to be sufficient for driving.

Prescription sunglasses are available in glass which does provide the clearest prescription however since they may shatter easily they are generally passed over for other materials. Regular plastic, referred to as CR-39 is a common choice. Other choices for specialty lenses include indexed which allows for thicker prescriptions to be created in thinner plastic, polycarbonate which allows for high shatter resistance for shooting sports and others sports that require eye protection.

Available Prescription Sunglass Frames

Many frames styles are available in prescription sunglasses. Styles such as the ever popular Ray Ban, the Oakley, Carrera, Ferrari and many others made famous by designers and movie stars such as Ralph Lauren and Versace. The names are too numerous to mention however a search for a favorite designer or style within the prescription sunglass site will bring up numerous choices. Replacement lenses and accessories are often made available when purchasing these frames. One particularly popular accessory for fishermen or boaters is a float that attaches to the ends of the sunglasses to aid in retrieval if they are dropped from the side of the boat and into the water.

What Eyeglass prescriptions can be made into Prescription Sunglasses?

Almost every eyeglass prescription can be reproduced in a pair of prescription sunglasses. Regular prescriptions are available as well as ones to be used as reading glasses for contact lens wearers outside. Other special prescriptions that are available include progressive lenses for people treating more than one type of vision problem as well regular bifocals.

Shopping for Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses have almost eliminated the need for a pair of clip on or magnetic sunglasses, although these may still be useful at times. They are especially helpful for people who normally wear contact lenses but prefer not to at places like a beach. Prescription sunglasses are available in a wide spectrum of colors and intensities, they provide the same UV protection regardless of how darkly tinted they are.

Prescription sunglasses can be purchased locally through an eye doctor or places that offer regular prescriptive lenses. They are available in hundreds of styles including the same designer styles that regular glasses come in. Shopping online provides a vast selection of frames, far more than can be carried in a single office and also generally offers them at a greatly reduced price. Some companies that produce or sell prescription sunglasses online also use proceeds to help various causes so if that is a special interest see if the one you are shopping through does that.

Pricing of Prescription Sunglasses

The prices online of prescription sunglasses begin at just under forty dollars and can go higher depending upon the prescription needed, the frame chosen as well as the tinting options. Many companies will contact the eye doctor for an accurate prescription although this may also be provided by the consumer. Waiting time is generally no longer than purchasing them locally if not quicker in some cases.

Caring for prescription sunglasses is very similar to caring for a pair of regular prescription glasses. Washing and drying with a soft cloth so as not to scratch the lens is mandatory. Checking for loose screws occasionally and tightening them as needed is necessary. A hard case for storage is ideal to protect the glasses although a soft case for carrying in a pocket works also. As with all prescription glasses eye exams regular eye exams will be needed and if there is a change the sunglasses will need new lenses. Choosing a new pair of prescription sunglasses has never been easier.