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If you can not afford your medications AT ANY AGE, there is hope. If you are a student without insurance, or have insurance, but no prescription coverage. If you are not in school, you are still eligible. If you are a senior, adult, any person living in the United States, you are eligible to apply for free prescription medications, chemotherapy drugs like Temodar, and the costly anti-nausea medications after scheduled cancer treatments. has a listing of just about every drug manufactured in the United States. Diabetes, heart issues, cancer medicines? You will find the free medication in the list, click on it, and follow the instructions according to the specific drug company's requirements. You will find drug coupons from some companies, discount cards, and other drugs completely 100% free.

You will need to fill out a form, supplying copies of your latest tax information. You should tell your doctor, as s/he will have to sign forms, too. After you are approved, you or the doctor's assistant will fax the prescription to the particular drug company. If you are taking Temodar, chemotherapy in pill form, the treatment will be sent to you with FREE shipping from the drug company via courier on the date you are to start you chemotherapy. If you find you will be on chemotherapy for longer than a year, usually you must renew your application once a year.

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