Present Picky Eaters A Pastime Thing?

Have you ever had the problem of the picky eaters? The "I don't want to eat that", or the "I don't like that stuff's"? Now it may be a thing of the past.

Tapping into the imagination of a child is a very simple and rewarding thing to do. By tapping into their imagination you can break the child from most dislikes of foods and create a healthier example of foods to try. I would like to take you on a journey and show you how to trick a child into eating basic foods that normally wouldn't be touched.

In today's society we are very eager to grab the quickest fast food we can get and head home to relax. Our children today are used to it and it is causing health issues they grow. This is even changing the way they develop their palettes. From the first time a baby is given baby food, we as parents, tend to buy what their taste buds have taught them. Also, salt and peppering the baby foods to mimic the foods we eat. This is not necessary. By avoiding the salt, pepper, heating the food and the foods we parents do not like, we are no longer limiting what our child will grow to like. We basically are training our children's eating habits from the get go. Yes, babies will make funny faces . However, they will get used to the taste an eventually, will try and eat about anything out there. Veggies will not be a problem anymore.

Now, to those who have no followed this practice from the get go and have picky eaters, try to approach eating in a new way. I like the motto "Fun Not Force!" A child may not like some foods because they've heard the names and associated that with what they've heard it tastes like. Change the name to something fun. Buy flavored water instead of soda or sugared drinks. and food coloring to suit your "new" name. For instance, clear strawberry water is very plain and uninteresting, add food coloring and it could be "monster juice". Now beware, when my little ones drink "monster juice" they tend to turn into little monster's for a brief spell. It's all part of the game! You can do this to any foods you like. Tapioca pudding to my kids is fish eyes. They love it! Raisin's are ants, grapes become troll eyes, tomatoes can be dragon hearts. etc. I think you get the picture. Yes, it sounds gross to us but, to a child the food becomes part of another realm.

You can even have the child help you cook. Buy the normal ingredients and let the child mix it up renaming the ingredients as he/she goes on. Then at the end, let your child rename the dish. Now he/she feels he is part of the dish. They will be so proud to try it, as well as, eager to let everyone else experience what their imagination has come up with, all the while creating healthier habits.

I hope this helps you make your present picky eater a part of the past!

Children baking