If your anything like me then over the last months you were probably struggling (a lot) over what to get your mother in law, seen as your mother in law is your partners mother, it has to be spot on especially if you're not very close to her.

Obviously and most importantly you definitely don't want to offend them in any way. Many parents are very traditional, and gifts for your mother in law can not have provocative innuendos or anything of a crude humorous nature. They are usually gifts which we most definitely know our mother in law will appreciate and respect.

Spending excessive amounts will look like your being "over the top" with them, so make sure your mother in law gift is very classy and possibly classic, but not too expensive. Also make sure it is the type of gift that is perfect, in other words make sure you don't get something unsuitable, like something you may jokingly buy for your own mother (not your mother in law).

Your mother in law's gift must show your respect for her and the respect you have for your daughter, something simple and classic. Depending on how you are with your mother in law, depends on the gift you can get for your mother in law. Definitely don't get something for her which you think will suit her, because getting this wrong can very much offend people. Play the safe option for your mother In law and get chocolate or roses, as these offend seem to work very well.

Buying them a holiday is too much, and may offend the father in law, you must allow the family to feel like you are a side part of the family, rather than the father of the family. Your mother in law will respect you for getting her a gift in the first place, so giving her a gift that is excessively expensive is unneeded and can often do more damage than it is worth. Play it safe and cool, get a gift your for mother in law a gift which makes sense and isn't stupid. If you are confident and believe that what you get ffor her, will be loved, then you have aboloutely nothing to worry about.