Here's a recap and reaction of "Pretty Little Liars" season 2, episode 20, and "The Lying Game" season 1, episode 17, both of which aired Monday 2/13/12 on ABC Family.


It was a crazy week for our pretty little couples.

On the Haleb front, it looks like "A" is onto Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) for trying to help Hanna (Ashley Benson). Garrett (Yani Gellman) and Officer Wilden confiscate Caleb's laptop, suspecting him of hacking into school records. At first, Caleb is complacent because he has nothing to hide.

However, Hanna realizes that someone is trying to set him up by planting social security numbers into his computer. As a precaution, Caleb showed Hanna how to log into his computer and gave her the password.

This paid off. Although Hanna struggled to remember the password, she and Spencer finally pieced together the names of the cities where he lived followed by the numbers 1105! Just as the police were searching Caleb's computer, Hanna was able to find the crucial files and save him by pressing CTRL A delete.

Haleb had a sweet moment later when she realized that 1105 was the day they sealed the deal. And he obviously loved it because the password was followed by an exclamation point!

Nothing's Holden Ezria Back

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) had a close call this week when "A" figured out their secret rendezvous place and decided to rat them out to her father. "A" sent a mysterious note to Byron  (Chad Lowe) informing him that they would be a vegan French restaurant (when she was supposed to be on a date with Holden).

Last week, we discovered that Holden was into competitive martial arts, but that he had to hide it from his disapproving family. As it turns out, Holden had a heart condition, but had decided to compete anyway. Out of concern, Aria decided to reschedule their date in order to watch Holden compete. It proved to be a wise move, as Byron had shown up at the vegan restaurant in an attempt to catch Aria and Ezra together.

The Family that Lies Together Stays Together

Last week, we learned that Jason DiLaurentis (Drew van Acker) was Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) half-brother. Although Spencer was understandably upset with her father for lying to her, she reluctantly returned home in order to search for clues surrounding Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) murder. 

Jason had found a box with love letters from her father to his mother, as well as $15,000 cash. He suspected that Alison knew about the secret, and that she had blackmailed Spencer's father for hush money. 

Spencer believed her father when he said that Alison never blackmailed him. Although she and Jason disagreed, they reconciled because they knew they needed to work together.

Meanwhile, the liars met with the mysterious person whose phone number was in Alison's coat pocket. Aria met with the mysterious man who said that Alison (Vivian Darkbloom) had offered to pay him a lot of money for intel on someone who was trying to hurt her. Apparently she wasn't able to come up with the money (and she cost him his job in the process). The mysterious man offered the liars information in exchange for the $2000 that Alison owed him.

Jason just might be able to help.

And the Liar of the Week Award Goes to Maya

We're finding it hard to trust Maya (Bianca Lawson). She told Emily (Shay Mitchell) that she was in danger of being sent back to True North. Her mom had found an old joint in her junk drawer. Maya insisted that it was from her pre-True North days and that drugs were a thing of the past. However, at a swim team party, Emily caught Maya smoking another joint. 

Emily offered to reason with Maya's mom, but Maya insisted that she had to leave town for San Francisco. This week's episode ended with Emily leaving a pleading message on Maya's voicemail, asking to reconcile. 

Why did Maya lie about the joints? Why was she so eager to leave town? And why was she talking to Jason?

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